Amazon Inspector is an agent-based service where you deploy the Amazon Inspector agent on the Amazon EC2 Instances running the applications you want to assess. Amazon Inspector is priced per agent per assessment (agent-assessment) per month. For example, if you run 1 assessment against 1 agent, that is 1 agent-assessment. If you run 1 assessment against 10 agents, that is 10 agent-assessments.

The pricing starts at $0.30 per agent-assessment per month with volume discounting to achieve as low as $0.05 per agent-assessment per month. There are no upfront investments required, no additional software licenses or maintenance fees, and no need to purchase expensive hardware.

Per agent-assessment pricing is ideal for applications deployed in the cloud. You only pay for what you use, and it provides the flexibility to support popular dynamic use cases like continuous deployment or auto scaling, where per-host or per-IP licensing models can be difficult to manage.

Free Trial

If you’ve never run an Amazon Inspector assessment, you’re eligible for 250 agent-assessments at no cost during your first 90 days. Once you run more than 250 agent-assessments or reach the 90-day expiration, all other agent-assessments will be billed at the pricing tiers in the Pricing Details table below.

Free Trial Details

First 90-days Using Amazon Inspector
Per Agent-assessment Price
First 250 agent-assessments

Pricing Details

In a Given Month
Per Agent-assessment Price
First 250 agent-assessments
Next 750 agent-assessments $0.25
Next 4,000 agent-assessments $0.15
Next 45,000 agent-assessments $0.10
All other agent-assessments $0.05

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