Q: What is AWS IoT ExpressLink?

AWS IoT ExpressLink is connectivity software that powers a range of hardware modules developed and offered by AWS partners. These modules provide cloud-connectivity and implement AWS-mandated security requirements. Integrating these wireless modules into the hardware design of your device makes it faster and easier to build Internet of Things (IoT) products that connect securely with AWS services.

Q: Why use AWS IoT ExpressLink?

You can use Partner modules with AWS IoT ExpressLink to quickly transform any embedded device into an IoT–connected device with minimal design effort. Instead of managing the complexity of integrating the required networking and security libraries yourself, you can delegate this undifferentiated work to the module. This results in lower development costs, a faster time to market, and the ability to focus engineering resources on building differentiated product experiences. AWS IoT ExpressLink is compatible with devices of all sizes and resource constraints, giving you the freedom and flexibility to retain existing processors rather than replacing them with a larger or newer model. Avoid costly redesign required to rewrite the application from scratch to ensure compatibility. Additionally, modules with AWS IoT ExpressLink come pre-provisioned with security credentials set by qualified AWS Partners, helping you quickly establish a secure connection and enabling over-the-air (OTA) updates to maintain device fleet health at scale.

Q: Who develops and qualifies the hardware modules?

AWS Partners are responsible for developing and manufacturing the hardware modules, as well as qualifying that their modules meet AWS mandated security requirements. AWS provides the AWS IoT ExpressLink connectivity software and technical specifications for Partners to use in their modules. AWS also reviews results from qualification tests that Partners run before modules are approved for listing in the AWS Partner Device Catalog.

Q: How much does a module with AWS IoT ExpressLink cost?

The price of a module with AWS IoT ExpressLink is set by our Partners, who manufacture the modules. AWS does not charge any additional fees for using AWS IoT ExpressLink, you will only pay for the AWS services you will use when your device is connected to the cloud.

Q: How does AWS IoT ExpressLink relate to the rest of AWS IoT services?

AWS IoT ExpressLink provides an out-of-the-box solution that quickly and easily integrates with a range of AWS services, including IoT Jobs and IoT over-the-air (OTA) services to schedule and perform updates, and IoT Device Management to manage and monitor the state of device fleets. You can also take advantage of cloud storage services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), compute services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), modeling and analysis services such as Amazon SageMaker.

Q: How do I get started?

Evaluate whether AWS IoT ExpressLink is right for you by purchasing a development kit from participating partners, which can be found on the AWS Partner Device Catalog page. The kit will include an application processor or will connect to compatible development platforms such as Arduino. You can then immediately start sending telemetry data to the cloud through the simple AWS IoT ExpressLink serial interface.

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