With AWS IoT FleetWise, you can easily collect and organize data from the unique data format present in your vehicles (regardless of make, model, or options) and standardize the data format for easy analysis in the cloud without having to build custom data collection systems.

AWS IoT FleetWise helps you efficiently transfer data to the cloud in near-real time using the service’s intelligent filtering capabilities. Reduce the amount of data transferred to the cloud by selecting what data to transfer and defining rules and events for when to transfer it based on parameters like weather conditions, location, or vehicle type.

Once the data is in the cloud, use it for tasks like remotely diagnosing issues in individual vehicles, analyzing vehicle fleet health to help protect against warranty claims and recalls, and improving autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems with analytics and machine learning.

Rules-based data collection

AWS IoT FleetWise applies the rules you define for transferring only high-value data signals to the cloud. First, select which data to transfer, such as safety equipment data, camera data, or any other sensor-generated data. Then, define rules and events for when to transfer that data based on parameters such as weather, location, or vehicle type. This reduces the amount of unnecessary data transferred to the cloud, which lessens costs and gives access to more useful data.

Vehicle modeling

Use AWS IoT FleetWise to build virtual representations of vehicles in the cloud and apply a common data format to structure and label vehicle attributes, sensors, and signals. AWS IoT FleetWise standardizes vehicle modeling using Vehicle Signal Specification (VSS) so that a signal like “fuel pressure” is always represented as fuel_pressure and measured in pound-force per square inch (PSI) and kilopascal (kPa). Once the vehicle is modeled, upload a standard CAN database (DBC) file so AWS IoT FleetWise can read the unique and proprietary data signals sent over a vehicle’s Controller Area Network Bus (CAN Bus).

Edge Agent

AWS IoT FleetWise Edge Agent facilitates communication between the vehicle and the cloud. While the vehicle is on, it continuously receives data collection schemes from AWS IoT FleetWise and collects data accordingly for cloud transfer. Install Edge Agent to supported vehicle hardware—currently the NXP S32G vehicle network processors—with plans for additional supported hardware. With Edge Agent, you control every step of the process from creation to installation, and maintain full data ownership and control of proprietary information.

Remote configuration deployment

With AWS IoT FleetWise, you can deploy cloud-based data collection schemes to vehicles, ensure that vehicles can receive the schemes, and take action when they do not receive them. For example, if a vehicle temporarily loses connectivity while in an underground parking structure, AWS IoT FleetWise can resend the message at regular time intervals until the vehicle responds.

Global signal catalog

Select and standardize unique vehicle sensors and signals from a centralized repository of all your vehicle models.

Data engine

AWS IoT FleetWise enriches collected vehicle data with metadata and vehicle attributes. For example, if you collect seatbelt data signals during hard braking events, AWS IoT FleetWise can enrich the data by appending the vehicle model and door count, making it easier to analyze the event data in the cloud.

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