Actility ThingPark Location Low-Power Asset Tracking Solution

Optimize usage of high value assets


Industries, such as construction, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, and manufacturing, have high value assets which drive up operating costs. Business operations are often slowed down by sub-optimal usage of these assets brought about by either misplacement or loss. In other cases, assets are expensive and subject to vandalism or theft. Maintenance processes can also become inefficient as usage of the asset is not really monitored, resulting in depreciation of asset values. In addition, a fleet of assets can be oversized as a result of not having a clear picture of actual utilization to be able to compensate those inefficiencies, which impacts profitability.

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Version: 1.0
Last updated: 7/2020
Author: AWS 

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Actility ThingPark Location is an asset tracking solution combining low-power multi-technology trackers with a modular location engine from Abeeway, a leading provider of battery-powered tracking solutions, to unlock the value of low-power wide area network (LPWAN)-enabled geolocation. ThingPark Location is seamlessly integrated with AWS IoT and offers much more than a point on a map but provides key actionable insights to a fleet manager wanting to optimize their logistics flows. By combining seamless indoor/outdoor positioning with advanced motion detection and geo-fence based alerting, the solution delivers actionable information to ensure assets are deployed and used in an optimal way. Provided with Abeeway Device Manager, the solution delivers full tracking management including configuration changes, tracking modes and adjustable reporting periods. The use of long range wide area network (LoRaWAN) technology, together with Abeeway power-savvy positioning technology, makes the solution truly low-power, ensuring low total cost of ownership (TCO) and preserving business profitability. Combined with AWS IoT services, the solution offers business-oriented dashboards which streamline fleet management and usage of assets enabling businesses to make sound decisions based on real data.



Low-power asset tracking smoothly transforms your business operations to make it more efficient and reliable.

  • Easily connect your assets – Fleet managers need a wireless solution with a useful battery life to track equipment, cable reels, portable toilets, cradles, crates, industrial pallets, etc. in various environments and with no installation difficulties.
  • Enhanced assets security – Theft detection based on movement and geofencing allows users to quickly react to unauthorized actions.
  • Improved visibility and productivity – Knowing the exact location of assets and how much machinery is used results in speeding up the process of materials distribution and avoiding placement mistakes made by workers.
  • Efficient use of equipment and maintenance – Better industrial control and operations, the detection of underutilized machinery and vehicles to avoid unnecessary rental costs. 


Enjoy reliable and flexible tracking, both indoors and outdoors
There are instances when the standard GPS cannot work in all settings during asset movement, such as inside warehouses, outdoors on pallets, on tracks, in shops, etc. This makes seamless tracking difficult. To address this, Actility offers a switchable multi-technology location solution enabling full outdoor and indoor service continuity ensuring adaptability to various surroundings. The Abeeway trackers are available in a variety of form factors to adapt the variety of assets that might be tracked, from small tools to heavy-duty assets, even in explosive environments (ATEX certification). The behavior of each tracker can be fully customized to report positions when it makes sense for your business; periodically, upon motion detection (start/stop), geofence crossing, button press, or a combination of all of these.

Get the best device autonomy on the market, with minimal investment
With TCO being largely dependent on battery life, Abeeway provides the most cost-efficient location solutions in the market with its devices’ extended autonomy. Low-power technology from Actility reduces the amount of charging cycles, dramatically extending rechargeable battery life. This brings you high cost-efficiency, reduced downtime and operations complexity, and increased profit margins and ROI, keeping your OPEX at the lowest level.