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Recruiterbox is an applicant tracking software and aims to be the system of record for all hiring related activities inside customer organizations. Recruiterbox enables customers to keep track of interviews, reviews, internal discussions and candidate conversations - all in one central location. Recruiterbox’s infrastructure and development toolchain is hosted on AWS. Its continuous integration infrastructure handles approximately 60 builds per working day i.e. 300 builds per week and uses AWS CodeBuild to run tests before deploying software changes to production.

“Previously, our test runner was setup on Jenkins. Our test suite was large enough that we had to parallelize the running of tests to run it in reasonable amount of time, which is around 15 minutes. However, if more than one developer checked-in their code, they would have to wait for their turn to run their tests. On busy days, the wait times would reach as much as 4 hours! This process was highly inefficient. With AWS CodeBuild, we can run as many parallel streams of tests as we want. There is no need for any queue or developers to wait for hours. CodeBuild elastically scales the number of containers as necessary”

Raghuveer Kancherla, Co-Founder - Recruiterbox

CDSM is a UK-based learning technology company that harnesses cutting edge technology to solve challenges in the field of Learning & Development (L&D). CDSM runs its e-Learning services on AWS and follows an agile approach to software release with an average of approximately 150 builds per week. CDSM’s continuous integration workflow utilizes AWS CodeBuild along with Jenkins.

"We chose to use CodeBuild as it is a scalable build platform that eliminates the complexities involved in provisioning and management of CI infrastructure, without needing any customization. CodeBuild’s functionality is simple to understand and met our needs precisely. It easily integrated with Jenkins and allowed us to run replicable builds in an asynchronous manner. With CodeBuild, we could run multiple builds at the same time, eliminating all pipeline bottle-necks in our CI/CD process. Additionally, it allowed us to specify custom environment parameters on a per build basis and thus be more confident about the integrity of each build."

Gareth Thomas, Lead Developer - CDSM

Progate is an online platform that helps you learn to code. They have intuitive slides to help you understand the content and provide a coding environment for you to apply what you’ve learned. Progate’s infrastructure is entirely on AWS including instances, databases, data analysis, and continuous integration tests resulting in approximately 300 builds per week. Prior to CodeBuild, Progate was using Jenkins but ran into scaling challenges.

“We had problems with scalability and concurrency. We had to wait in long queues to run builds, often around an hour. We needed much more machine resources, but since we only run builds during the day we wanted something that provides only the resources we need when we need them. CodeBuild lets us fully customize our build tasks, automatically runs builds concurrently, took the pain out of managing the build environments, and we only pay for what we use. In the end, CodeBuild helped us decrease build times dramatically.”

Kenta Murai, co-founder & CTO - Progate

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