Amazon Lex for Retail

Deliver personalized conversational experiences across a range of customer touchpoints


Amazon Lex helps you easily create personalized conversations incorporating customer purchase history and profile information. With the pre-built bots, you can dynamically manage dialog to surface product recommendations and cross-sell suggestions based on parameters and data that you define. Native integration with Amazon Polly allows you to select a voice suited to your brand from a range of neural text-to-speech (NTTS) voices that offer a richer, more lifelike speech quality. Amazon Lex helps refine customer engagement so you can achieve a consistent brand experience, influence customer actions, and increase revenue.
Purpose-built bots for Retail can help you improve customer support efficiency, boost team productivity, and drive service innovation. The pre-built bots include authentication and verification flows along with robust conversation patterns such as periodic updates while a call is on hold. Using Amazon Kendra, a highly accurate and easy-to-use intelligent search service, you can easily configure the bot to answer questions and help customers complete their purchase. Amazon Lex enables you to automate the customer service experience so you can control costs and pass along savings to your customers.
Amazon Lex provides capabilities so you can engage seamlessly with customers as they move across different channels. You can easily persist context and data in Lex to deliver a fluid experience through both voice and chat modalities. The pre-built bots can easily integrate with Amazon Connect, an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that helps you provide superior customer service. You can enable concurrent interactions (e.g., social media and SMS) and channel specific conversation patterns (e.g., putting a call on hold) to deliver better end-to-end experiences.