Reliably deliver personalized voice messages to your customers in more than 100 countries for transactional messaging use cases.

Phone calls offer several advantages over other messaging channels: they're highly reliable, very extensible, and just about everybody has a phone number. With Amazon Pinpoint’s voice channel, you can use text-to-speech technology to deliver personalized voice messages via phone calls to your customers. The voice channel is a great way to deliver transactional messages such as one-time passwords and identity confirmations.

To use the voice channel, you lease a phone number that is reserved for your exclusive use. You can then start sending voice messages by using the Amazon Pinpoint console or the Amazon Pinpoint REST API.

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Amazon Pinpoint uses high-reliability messaging routes to ensure that your voice messages reach your customers, no matter where in the world they're located. You can send messages in dozens of languages, and you can deliver your voice messages from local numbers.


Many customers prefer not to receive SMS messages, or aren't able to receive them at all. By sending voice messages, you can engage with customers you weren't previously able to reach. Similarly, in situations where you can't reach customers through other channels, the voice channel can help you deliver the messages your customers need. For example, if a customer needs to receive a one-time password to complete a registration process, but you only have their land-line phone number, you can deliver the password over the phone.


Tailor your voice messages to each recipient by including personalization tokens and content. When it's time to send your message, you can customize it by controlling the volume, modifying the pronunciation, emphasizing key words, and choosing from multiple voices.

Key features

Turn your Text into Lifelike Speech

Amazon Pinpoint Voice uses Amazon Polly to provide lifelike speech for its voice messages. You can deliver messages in dozens of languages, and with most languages, you can choose between several different voices. You can also use Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) to customize the volume, pronunciation, and speed of your messages.

Dedicated Long Code with Local Phone Numbers

In order to send voice messages using Amazon Pinpoint, you need to have at least one dedicated long code. A long code is a standard telephone number that your message is sent from. By using dedicated phone numbers, you can establish a consistent experience for your brand, ensure that your phone numbers are only used to deliver high-quality content, and provide a localized experience for your customers. In certain countries and regions, you can also use these dedicated phone numbers to send SMS messages. There are additional monthly charges for using dedicated long codes. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint Pricing page.

Phone Number Validate

The Phone Number Validate feature helps you correct data entry errors and produces phone numbers that are formatted in the internationally-recognized E.164 format. If you use web forms to collect customer information, it’s not unusual for customers to provide you with phone numbers that aren’t able to receive text messages, such as land-line or VoIP numbers. Phone Number Validate helps you determine the phone number type—mobile, landline, or VoIP. You can use this information to send SMS messages to recipients who use mobile devices and send voice messages to those who don't. There are additional fees associated with using the Phone Number Validate feature. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint Pricing page.


Amazon Pinpoint captures detailed metrics about the number of calls you've made, the number of calls that failed, and the number of calls that were completed. You can export these metrics to Amazon CloudWatch Logs and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose for storage and additional processing, and then use the data to optimize future voice engagements.
As each call progresses, Amazon Pinpoint provides real time call metrics to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and Amazon CloudWatch Logs. These metrics tell you when a call has been initiated, when it’s ringing, when it’s been answered, when it’s completed, and whether or not the recipient answered. You can use this information to measure the effectiveness of your messages.

Personalized Content

Instead of hard-coding the content of each voice message, you can include variables in your templates and then pass in substitution values for each recipient. When Amazon Pinpoint sends the messages, it replaces the variables with the appropriate values for each recipient, and then converts the personalized template from text to speech.

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