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By Migrating to AWS, Deliveroo Charts a Journey to Reliable Growth

In 2017, Deliveroo searched for a new IT solution to manage rising demand with the guiding principle that it would only seek out service providers that were larger than itself from an engineering perspective: as an ambitious startup, Deliveroo needed to collaborate with a company that could help it learn how to grow well.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) had what Deliveroo needed. Along with being able to provide the compute resources to meet Deliveroo’s growing customer demand, AWS offered a global presence that helped with a different aspect of Deliveroo’s growth: expansion into new geographical markets. AWS offers multiple availability zones around the world that allow Deliveroo to easily shift workloads when it enters new markets.

In 2017, AWS offered the only fully supported PostgreSQL database service, a technology that Deliveroo relied on. Deliveroo began by moving its database workloads to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL (Amazon RDS). Next, it moved its managed Docker service to Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS).


Deliveroo was pleased with the support that AWS offered for these moves and noticed immediate reliability improvements. This showed that AWS was the provider that could take its business to the next level and Deliveroo decided to go all-in.

A Nine-month Migration

Over nine months, Deliveroo redesigned its technology estate to take advantage of AWS and its serverless computing and container-based services. AWS Enterprise Support guided Deliveroo through this change by providing direct access to specialists for Amazon RDS and Amazon ECS. At a time when many engineers lacked sufficient cloud migration experience, AWS filled that gap and helped Deliveroo design the system that it’s still running on today.

By early 2018, Deliveroo was running its first production systems on AWS and, by that summer, it had moved all of its workloads off its former provider and onto AWS.

“We even managed to migrate the business-critical services without service disruption,” says Cordero.

Since migrating to AWS, Deliveroo has improved the reliability and performance of its website and network during busy times.

Managing Mission-critical Apps

Today, Deliveroo’s customer demand and ambitions continue to grow. Throughout its journey, AWS has been there to support it becoming a leader in the competitive restaurant delivery space.

“We’re still a startup at heart and, like any startup, we always have more opportunities to grow the business, to improve customer experience, and make better propositions for delivery riders and restaurant partners than we do engineering bandwidth,” says Vaughn Washington, VP of engineering at Deliveroo. “Being on AWS allows us to leverage its strengths to enable us to scale up and meet growing demands without having to completely rearchitect.”

Today, more than 90 percent of Deliveroo’s platform runs on AWS and the company uses over 61 AWS services.

This includes workloads for every part of its core business: accepting food orders from diners, transmitting them to restaurants, and delivering meals to customers. The website that diners place orders on runs on AWS. So does the network that transmits orders to restaurants. The same is true for the network that delivery riders use to see where they need to pick up meals from and deliver them to.

Deliveroo also uses AWS to handle vital applications such as credit card processing, compliance tasks, and backend finance.

In a healthy business, growth never stops. Deliveroo now works with more than 140,000 restaurant and grocery partners and more than 100,000 delivery riders to deliver meals in 800 locations across Europe and Asia. For Deliveroo, one constant during this dynamic period has been AWS, which has provided the support and services it has come to rely on.

AWS Services Used

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL gives you access to the capabilities of the familiar PostgreSQL database engine. This means that the code, applications, and tools you already use today with your existing databases can be used with Amazon RDS.

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Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a fully managed container orchestration service that simplifies your deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications.

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