Netflix & AWS Lambda Case Study


Netflix is one of the world's largest online media streaming providers delivering almost 7 billion hours of videos to nearly 50 million customers in 60 countries per quarter. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, the company is planning to use AWS Lambda to build rule-based self-managing infrastructure and replace inefficient processes to reduce the rate of errors and save valuable time. Watch Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer, explain how the company can use event-based triggers to help automate the encoding process of media files, the validation of backup completions and instance deployments at scale, and the monitoring of AWS resources used by the organization.

Learn more about how Netflix continues to innovate on AWS.

Netflix Gains New Efficiencies Using AWS Lambda (4:15)


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AWS Lambda
AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers, creating workload-aware cluster scaling logic, maintaining event integrations, or managing runtimes.
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