AWS CloudShell features

Browser-based shell

Issue AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) commands, run scripts, access common command line utilities including PowerShell and Bash, and use other popular AWS CLIs, such as the Amazon ECS CLI and the AWS SAM CLI, to interact with your AWS resources – all without leaving your web browser.

Familiar tools

CloudShell runs on Amazon Linux 2 and contains common AWS command line interfaces, including AWS CLI, Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) CLI, AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) CLI, along with runtimes and AWS SDKs for Python and Node.js. Other commonly used command line utilities for shells (Bash, PowerShell, Zsh), editors (vi), source control (Git), and package management (npm, pip) are also installed. For a complete list of pre-installed tools, see the AWS CloudShell User Guide.

Automatically manages your credentials

CloudShell inherits the credentials of the user who is signed in to the AWS Management Console. This makes authentication simpler and reduces operational burden by eliminating the need to configure and manage credentials locally.

Fully managed and up-to-date

CloudShell is fully managed, including the latest security patches and latest versions of the operating system and the installed tools. You can focus on building and managing your AWS resources instead of maintaining your local machines or software tooling.

1 GB of persistent storage

CloudShell comes with 1 GB of persistent storage for your home directory. Persistent storage enables you to store your frequently used scripts and configuration files between CloudShell sessions. For more details on persistent storage, see the AWS CloudShell User Guide.

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