Boundary is a SaaS solution that allows customers to monitor their entire IT environments from a single point of control and is uniquely designed to deal with challenges stemming from modern, highly distributed applications. Boundary’s enterprise event management service centralizes and correlates events, alerts and notifications from any source, enabling Ops/DevOps professionals to quickly see the total picture. Event management data is enriched by Boundary’s ability to provide a real-time, all-the-time snapshot of the logical application topology.


AWS CloudTrail provides significantly enhanced visibility into API calls made on the user’s account. This comprehensive and rich log data is parsed and prioritized by Boundary so customers can quickly identify changes to important AWS resources. Boundary interprets AWS CloudTrail log data while combining it with other event information from tools like AWS OpsWorks. This innovative approach enables customers to understand what changes caused production issues, monitor severity changes that take place and look back in time for who performed what changes. By combining the log insight with Boundary’s streaming AWS flow data, customers can easily move from an alert into deeper situational awareness with granular views into change history and performance data.

Boundary is offering an event management service for AWS CloudTrail data free of charge.

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