Amazon FinSpace

Data processing and analytics for Capital Markets with Managed kdb Insights

Eliminate operational overhead, including the provisioning, configuration, and maintenance of highly available infrastructure for kdb analytics engines.

Manage spend while keeping up with financial market volatility - autoscaling and high availability multi-AZ for kdb applications.

Launch new kdb analytics infrastructure on demand and accelerate migration of on-premises kdb systems to AWS.

Track, organize, and find datasets using familiar terms you configure, such as asset class or risk classification.

Use cases

Migrate kdb applications to AWS

Quickly gain benefits of cloud scale and availability by lifting and shifting your kdb applications to fully managed service on AWS.

Rapidly deploy new kdb infrastructure

Reduce time to deploy new kdb applications, with autoscaling and high availability, from weeks to hours.

Test trading algorithms on petabytes of historical data

Leverage on-demand compute to validate trading strategies against petabytes of historical market data (i.e. backtesting).

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