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“Organizations are calling for security simplification and integration. With Cisco providing the data and signals needed for trust assessment with every authentication, AWS Verified Access can provide the consolidated, lightweight, secure access without needing an additional VPN. It’s ‘zero trust’ applied to the cloud environment from two strong security partners.”

Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, CISCO

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“CrowdStrike has integrated Falcon Zero Trust Assessment scoring into AWS Verified Access to deliver real-time security posture assessments across all endpoints regardless of the location, network, and user. Collaborating with AWS on this integration gives our joint customers the defense-in-depth security needed to stay ahead of today’s threat landscape, deliver a seamless user experience, and simplify policy implementation for application access." 

Elia Zaitsev, Chief Technology Officer, CrowdStrike Inc.

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“AWS Verified Access simplifies connectivity to applications hosted on AWS – administrators no longer have to deploy or manage VPN services to secure their applications. With CyberArk Identity integration, companies can add additional layers of security by leveraging our AI-powered User Behavior Analytics engine to determine user risk profiles and build connectivity policies."

Vishnu Varma, Senior Director of Product Management, CyberArk

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"We are excited to partner with AWS in helping customers secure their private applications with AWS Verified Access. With the Datadog Cloud SIEM and AWS Verified Access, customers can easily detect and investigate malicious access attempts made to private applications."

Pierre Betouin, Senior Vice President of Security Product Management, Datadog

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"IBM Security and AWS have teamed up to help the cybersecurity community shift the balance of power back toward the defender. IBM Security QRadar SIEM has visibility into AWS Verified Access requests which correlated with behaviors across an organization’s entire hybrid cloud provide customers with a full view of threats enabling them to act more quickly to protect their users and data.”

Chris Meenan, VP, IBM Security Product Management

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“We are excited to continue working with AWS, integrating with AWS Verified Access at launch to help our joint customers increase application security while simplifying security operations. With JAMF device management integration, organizations can empower users with the devices they love while implementing zero trust architectures and secure connectivity features.”

Dean Hager, CEO, Jamf

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“JumpCloud’s full suite of identity, access, and device management capabilities makes it easy for our customers to configure, monitor, and secure AWS services in their environments. AWS Verified Access further expands the value of JumpCloud and AWS to our customers by enabling them to secure distributed users, manage private application access, and to accelerate troubleshooting requests to private applications hosted in AWS.”

Greg Armanini, VP of Product Management, JumpCloud

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“Integrated with AWS Verified Access, Okta helps customer to use identity claims to secure user entry into their private applications. Okta’s belief is that any enterprise should be able to adopt and seamlessly use any technology that helps grow and secure their business. Deepening our integration portfolio with AWS Verified Access opens the door for more flexibility and broader zero trust use cases for our joint customers.“

Stephen Lee, VP of Technical Strategy and Partnership, Okta


"AWS Verified Access provides new capabilities to provide greater access control while reducing complexity in security policy and architecture. By integrating AWS Verified Access with Trellix XDR, customers can extend visibility and control across their entire combined security ecosystem while simplifying their tools and reducing the effort to detect and respond to threats."

Martin Holste, Cloud CTO, Trellix

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