AWS Verified Access

Provide secure access to corporate applications without a VPN

Improve security posture by evaluating each access request in real time against predefined requirements.

Deliver a seamless user experience through virtual access to corporate applications without a VPN.

Define a unique access policy for each application, with conditions based on identity data and device posture.

How it works

Built on Zero Trust guiding principles, AWS Verified Access validates every application request before granting access. Verified Access removes the need for a VPN, which simplifies the remote connectivity experience for end users and reduces the management complexity for IT administrators.

Use cases

Secure distributed users

Verified Access evaluates each request in real time against predefined security requirements to facilitate secure access to applications.

Manage corporate application access

IT administrators can build a set of fine-grained access policies using security signal input like user identity and device security status.

Use centralized access logs

Verified Access evaluates access requests and logs request data, accelerating analysis of and response to security and connectivity incidents.

How to get started

Set up Verified Access

Define policies and set up applications for secure remote access in minutes.

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Learn how to integrate security signals for application access

Add AWS IAM Identity Center and third-party security systems such as Okta, JumpCloud, Ping Identity, Jamf, CrowdStrike, Cisco Duo, and VMware.

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