With AWS Verified Access, you only pay for what you use. There is no up-front commitment or minimum fee. After you create a Verified Access instance and add your corporate applications, Verified Access facilitates secure access to those applications, in accordance with the access policies that you set. There are two components that determine your Verified Access bill: 1) hourly charges for associated applications, and 2) per-GB charges for data processed. You also incur standard AWS data transfer charges for all data transferred using Verified Access.

Application hours

You are charged per hour for each application associated with an active Verified Access endpoint. Each partial application hour (app-hour) consumed is billed as a full hour. For example, if you associate 10 applications with 10 Verified Access endpoints, each for an hour, you will be charged 10 app-hours.

GB of data processed

You are also charged per GB for data processed by Verified Access. When users request access or connect to your applications, Verified Access processes the data flowing between users and the application. For example, if all your applications using Verified Access require 10 GB of total data processing, you will be charged for that 10 GB of data processed.

Pricing table

Example 1:

You created a Verified Access in US East (Ohio) and associated 10 applications. These 10 applications were associated for an hour, resulting in 10 app-hours. Also, each app required 0.5 GB for data processing. We will charge $0.27/hr for each app and 5 GB for data process, resulting in a bill of $2.80. The following table shows the cost breakdown.

App-hours 10 hours * $0.27 $2.70
Data processing 0.5 GB * 10 applications * $0.02 $0.10
Total charge   $2.80

Example 2:

You created a Verified Access in US East (Ohio) and associated 300 applications. These 300 applications were associated for a month with 31 days. This will result in 223,200 app-hours. Also, each application required 1 GB for data processing. The total charge will be $55,062.00, and the below table provides the details.

First 148,800 app-hours 148,800 hours * $0.27     $40,176.00
Next 74,400 (223,200-148,800) app-hours         74,400 hours * $0.20                                   $14,880.00
Data processing                                                     1 GB * 300 applications * $0.02 $6.00
Total charge   $55,062.00

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