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Easily load massive volumes of streaming data into AWS

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Easily analyze streaming data with standard SQL

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Build your own custom applications that process or analyze streaming data

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Amazon Kinesis is a platform for streaming data on AWS, offering powerful services to make it easy to load and analyze streaming data, and also providing the ability for you to build custom streaming data applications for specialized needs. Web applications, mobile devices, wearables, industrial sensors, and many software applications and services can generate staggering amounts of streaming data – sometimes TBs per hour – that need to be collected, stored, and processed continuously. Amazon Kinesis services enable you to do that simply and at a low cost.


Introducing Amazon Kinesis Firehose

Easily load massive volumes of streaming data into AWS.
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Easily analyze streaming data with standard SQL.
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Build your own custom applications that process or analyze streaming data. 
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Example: Real-time Content Recommendations for Media Sites


“We send clickstream data containing content and audience information from 250+ digital properties to Kinesis Streams to feed our real-time content recommendations engine so we can maximize audience engagement on our sites.”


When to use Amazon Kinesis Streams

Building custom applications using Amazon Kinesis Streams is useful when you have unique or highly specialized requirements such as:

Multi-stage processing using specialized algorithms, for example in building a recommendations engine.

Custom stream partitioning for finer control over scaling, for example in real-time metering and billing systems.

Durable temporary storage for data in transit, for example when loading data from transactional databases into data warehouses.

It's easy to get started with Amazon Kinesis. Just sign up for an AWS account, or if you already have one, sign in to the AWS Management Console, and launch Amazon Kinesis services.

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