You can use CloudEndure Disaster Recovery to minimize data loss and downtime by rapidly recovering your enterprise workloads in the event of application failures, human errors, cyber attacks, or other IT disruptions. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery leverages AWS as an elastic recovery site, using the same simple process to replicate and recover a wide variety of applications across all supported infrastructure and operating systems (OS). This includes common business-critical databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, and enterprise applications such as SAP.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery uses minimal resources in your AWS account to continuously replicate entire servers, including OS, system state configuration, system disks, databases, applications, and files. When you launch your servers for recovery or tests, your applications will run on AWS just as they do on your source infrastructure. CloudEndure Disaster Recovery enables recovery point objectives (RPOs) of seconds and recovery time objectives (RTOs) of minutes.

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery for Microsoft SQL Server

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery for SAP applications

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery for Oracle Database

CloudEndure Disaster Recovery for SharePoint

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