AWS CodeArtifact features

AWS CodeArtifact is a fully managed artifact repository service that makes it easy for organizations of any size to securely store, publish, and share software packages used in their software development process.

Consume packages from public artifact repositories

You can configure CodeArtifact to fetch software packages from public repositories such as the npm Registry, Maven Central, PyPI, and with just a few clicks.

Publish and share packages

You can use your existing package managers such as npm, pip, yarn, twine, Maven, NuGet, the Gem CLI, Bundler and SwiftPM to publish packages developed within your organization.

Approve packages for use and get visibility into package usage

You can approve packages for use by building automated workflows using CodeArtifact APIs and AWS EventBridge. Integration with AWS CloudTrail gives leaders visibility into which packages are in use and where, making it easy to identify packages that need to be updated or removed.

High availability and durability

AWS CodeArtifact operates in multiple Availability Zones and stores artifact data and metadata in Amazon S3 and Amazon DynamoDB. Your encrypted data is redundantly stored across multiple facilities and multiple devices in each facility, making it highly available and highly durable.

Use a fully managed service

CodeArtifact lets you focus on delivering for your customers, not configuring and maintaining your development infrastructure. CodeArtifact is a highly available service that scales to meet the needs of any software development team. There is no software to update or servers to manage.

Enable access control and monitoring

AWS CodeArtifact integrates with IAM and AWS CloudTrail, offering control over who can access software packages and visibility into who has access to your software packages. CodeArtifact also integrates with AWS Key Management Service (KMS) for package encryption.

Access packages within a VPC

You can increase the security of your repositories by configuring AWS CodeArtifact to use AWS PrivateLink endpoints. This allows systems running in your VPC to access packages stored in CodeArtifact without the data being transferred over the public internet.

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Read the documentation

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