Murex MX.3

Unleash the power of MX.3 trading, risk, and post-trade solutions on AWS

Murex MX.3 can be rapidly deployed on AWS

Murex is a global leader in trading, risk, and post-trade operations solutions for capital markets. Since its creation in 1986, the company has enabled its customers to make better informed trading decisions, improve operational efficiency and enterprise risk management, and control technology costs. Murex has customers in many sectors, from banking and asset management to energy and commodities. The robust and modular MX.3 solution is harnessed by institutions across all market segments to enable business growth and innovation by accelerating their technology transformation.

Murex customers can take advantage of Murex’s own SaaS MX.3 platform running on AWS, or deploy in their own AWS accounts, leveraging AWS services to ensure they have a resilient, secure, and highly performant MX.3 installation. For example, using Amazon Relational Database Service for Oracle Multi-AZ capability improves MX.3 database resiliency by replicating databases across several availability zones with minimum effort. Amazon CloudWatch events combined with AWS Application Auto Scaling groups can achieve higher availability of the platform. AWS automation services like CodePipeline, CloudFormation, and ServiceCatalog can be used to provision test and development environments reliably and quickly.

Solution highlights

  • Murex's single, open platform MX.3 supports trading, treasury, risk, and post-trade operations, ensuring consistency in data, analytics, and calculations across the business
  • The platform has the largest asset coverage in the industry with more than 350 payoffs, plus the flexibility to create new products
  • Murex offers this comprehensive range of solutions on a modular basis as either stand-alone solutions or as part of the MX.3 platform
  • ­MX.3 on AWS allows customers to take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost reductions afforded by cloud models, streamlining management of MX.3 environments, reducing the TCO of the platform whilst delivering business transformation faster
  • Murex SaaS combines MX.3 functionality with embedded trade and data connectivity, quality support, and application management services. It applies best practices, regulatory and business evolutions with customer-specific customizations.
  • MX.3 SaaS is an inclusive Murex service on AWS. Users harness the power of MX.3 without managing installation and administration
  • MX.3 SaaS comprehensively covers production usage, development, and testing. Customers enjoy deep privacy and security, encompassing built-in cloud resilience and automated monitoring
  • Grid computing with cloud scalability speeds smooth risk management and exotics pricing
  • Murex and customers jointly manage market, static, and trade data, and connect with third-party systems that exchange data with MX.3
  • MX.3 SaaS tracks with MX.3 changes and evolutions, delivering fast time to market and competitive advantages to customers
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Case Study: The National Bank of Canada Accelerates Deployments at Scale

The National Bank of Canada (NBC), the country’s sixth-largest commercial bank, set out to transform its infrastructure for speed and scale. NBC’s ultimate goal was to dedicate more of the organization’s time and resources to business innovation instead of infrastructure management. By shifting away from an on-premises installation of its core trading solution, Murex’s MX.3 platform, the bank was able to provision new instances in minutes instead of months and gain better visibility into costs. NBC now runs its non-production MX.3 environments exclusively on Amazon EC2 instances. 

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How it Works

Murex proposes a flexible approach to customers moving their MX.3 environment to AWS, giving them the opportunity to adopt Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) progressively. All MX.3 installations including dev/test environments, production, disaster recovery instances, and grid computing cores can be deployed on AWS.

The MX.3 application relies on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for its compute requirements, with customers able to take advantage of a range of instance types, including GPU acceleration.

Persistence of system data can take advantage of AWS storage services, from Amazon Elastic Block Store for high performance local storage needs such as databases, and distributed storage services like Amazon Elastic File System for log files. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Glacier can be used for short or long term archival of critical data at low cost.

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Accenture helps customers with their Murex implementation, upgrade and integration projects, including investment banks, clearing houses, hedge funds, prime brokers, and organizations that use Murex for treasury.

DXC Technology

DXC Luxoft

DXC Luxoft is an AWS Partner and a Murex Alliance Partner providing end-to-end Murex project services across all major asset classes and sectors, including investment banking, asset management, corporate treasury, and insurance.

Elenjical Solutions

Elenjical Solutions

Elenjical Solutions are both Murex and AWS Partners providing strategic advisory, greenfield implementation, version upgrade, system support and managed services to both the sell-side and buy-side market participants.

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