"The Sirius Data & Analytics team provides industry-leading consulting services that utilize proven technologies clients need to harness the power of their big data and business analytics landscape. Every solution we provide is integrated, implemented, and supported by our solution experts. Whether you are looking to optimize the performance of data warehousing and reporting solutions you already have in place, or implement new solutions as part of a data management strategy, we have the experience and expertise your organization needs to build a robust end-to-end data management solution."

"Through our years of bringing our best practices and proven approaches to our customers analytic, data warehousing, and big data projects, we have always looked for ways to take advantage of combining the powerful processing power of data warehouse technology with the elasticity and flexibility of cloud computing. Amazon Redshift combines the best of both worlds by giving customers a platform to manage the largest and most complex data sets and still grow as they go. Redshift is powerful, easy to scale, and completely compatible with most vendor tools customers may already have in-house. Whether looking to test out a proof-of-concept, find extra capacity, or outsource your entire data warehouse infrastructure, Redshift and the AWS suite of capabilities can satisfy your needs."


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"With expertise in the Amazon Architecture, AWS, Amazon Redshift, Elastic MapReduce, RDS, and the full spectrum of available ETL and Analytics tools, Sirius can deliver services to provision your systems, prepare your environments, optimize performance, manage your solution, and provide training and knowledge transfer.

Whether you’re looking for a proof of concept or to prototype new technologies, including Data Warehouse as a Service via Amazon Redshift, launching new or migrating existing business solutions to the cloud, or if you’re looking to integrate the AWS platform with your on-premise enterprise infrastructure, Sirius can help accelerate your success.

In addition to our array of consulting services, Sirius offers pre-packaged and customizable cloud-based solutions for AWS:

  • Cloud Seeding: 30-day no risk prototype, standing up your data in your own environment to kick the tires on – with experts at your side
  • CloudDIF: Advanced Data Integration Framework and Support Services
  • Observation Deck: Advanced Solution Monitoring
  • Cloud Forecast: 10-day customer infrastructure assessment with recommendations for strategy and AWS implementation
  • AWS Managed Services: Infrastructure and Administrative Support"