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Welcome to AWS Skills Center

AWS Skills Center is a free training center where people can learn about cloud computing by engaging with interactive exhibits, taking free foundational cloud classroom training, and participating in local job events.

The AWS Skills Center supports Amazon’s 2025 skills commitment to train 29 million people in cloud computing by 2025.


Engage in interactive exhibits and free classroom training

AWS Skills Center is designed to help people with little or no technology background access free, in-person classes in computing and cloud fundamentals and discover future job possibilities.

Apply your skills in the Cloud Discovery Space—an interactive exhibit showcasing robotics, space, machine learning, gaming, and smart home technology. It also supports the community by hosting career networking and job placement events with local employers and organizations.
Free classroom training at AWS Skills Center

AWS Skill Center locations

More sites coming soon in 2022
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1915 Terry Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
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Discover, learn, and build at AWS Skills Center

icon image of a lightbulb respresenting Discover at AWS Skills Center


How cloud computing impacts how you work, live, and play through interactive exhibits.

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About job roles and opportunities in cloud computing and how skills training can help.

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Your cloud computing knowledge and skills in a fun, engaging way.