AWS Skills Centers

Start your cloud career journey for free with a fun, interactive learning experience

Be cloud-curious

AWS Skills Centers are where the cloud-curious can discover new career possibilities. Explore interactive exhibits, participate in live classes with AWS instructors, and make connections at networking events. It’s all free, and everyone is welcome. No matter where you are on your cloud journey, there’s a place for you to learn at the AWS Skills Centers.


Discover new career possibilities

Take free foundational cloud training and explore cloud careers. Interactive exhibits in the Cloud Discovery Space show how the cloud enables real-world experiences like robotics, space, machine learning, gaming, and smart homes.

AWS instructors lead live training, enabling participants from all technology backgrounds to explore cloud career possibilities. Built in the heart of technology hubs, AWS Skills Centers also host career networking events with local employers and organizations.

Free classroom training at AWS Skills Center

AWS Skill Center locations

More sites coming soon in 2023
image of the Seattle city skyline


1915 Terry Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
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Washington D.C. . - Aerial view of Washington D.C. from Top of Town restaurant, Arlington, Virginia shows Lincoln & Washington Memorial and U.S. Capitol with tour boat and Potomac River in foreground


1550 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202
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Discover, learn, and build at AWS Skills Center

icon image of a lightbulb respresenting Discover at AWS Skills Center


How cloud computing impacts how you work, live, and play through interactive exhibits.

icon image of a robot respresenting Learn at AWS Skills Center


About job roles and opportunities in cloud computing and how skills training can help.

icon image of three building blocks represnting Build at AWS Skills Center


Your cloud computing knowledge and skills in a fun, engaging way.