AWS Lake Formation

Centrally govern, secure, and share data for analytics and machine learning

Manage fine-grained data lake access permissions using familiar database-like features.

Simplify security management and governance for your users at scale.

Quickly gain deeper insights from data securely shared with internal and external users.

Monitor your data access and help achieve compliance with comprehensive data auditing.

How it works

AWS Lake Formation centralizes permissions management of your data and makes it easier to share across your organization and externally.

Diagram showing how Lake Formation builds, secures, and manages data in data lakes.
Centralize Data Lake Security Management with AWS Lake Formation (14:45)
Learn about AWS Lake Formation
Managing and scaling data access is complex and time consuming. Learn how Lake Formation can help you centrally manage and scale fine-grained data access permissions and share data with confidence within and outside your organization.

Use cases

Manage permissions using familiar database-like features

Centralize permissions management for data resources, including databases and tables, from one place in the AWS Glue Data Catalog.

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Govern and help secure your data at scale

Scale permissions across your users by setting attributes on data and applying attribute permissions.

Learn more about tag-based access controls »

Simplify data sharing inside and outside your organization

Encourage innovation by allowing users to quickly find, appropriately access, and share data with confidence in accordance with your goals and policies.

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Monitor access and improve compliance with auditing

Proactively address data challenges and protect your business with comprehensive data-access auditing.

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How to get started

Create an AWS account

Start creating data lakes today.

Start using Lake Formation

Get started with Lake Formation in the AWS Management Console.

Centralize and manage permissions

Learn how to set up and start using Lake Formation.

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