AWS Lake Formation

Build, manage, and secure data lakes in days

Create, administer, and protect data lakes using familiar database-like features quickly.

Simplify security management and governance at scale, and enable fine-grained permissions across your data lake.

Break down data silos and make all data discoverable with a centralized data catalog.

Support organization-wide data accessibility at scale with cross-account data sharing.

How it works

AWS Lake Formation easily creates secure data lakes, making data available for wide-ranging analytics.

Diagram showing how Lake Formation builds, secures, and manages data in data lakes.
Centralize Data Lake Security Management with AWS Lake Formation (14:45)
Learn about AWS Lake Formation
Managing and scaling data access is complex and time consuming. Learn how Lake Formation can help you centrally manage and scale fine-grained data access permissions and share data with confidence within and outside your organization.

Use cases

Build your data lake in days

Quickly import data from all your data sources, and then describe and manage them in a centralized data catalog.

Learn more about Lake Formation features »

Secure and govern your data lake at scale

Scale permissions more easily with fine-grained security capabilities, including row- and cell-level permissions and tag-based access control.

Learn more about tag-based access control »

Enable self-service analytics across your organization

Centrally manage access to available datasets and apply fine-grained permissions for all data users.

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Build data mesh with minimal data movement

Deploy a data mesh or data fabric, or simplify cross-account data sharing in your organization.

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How to get started

Create an AWS account

Start creating data lakes with a free account.

Start using AWS Lake Formation

Start building with Lake Formation in the AWS Management Console.

Learn how to build a more robust data lake faster

Follow along to set up and start using Lake Formation.

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