Lightsail load balancer

Build highly-available, performant websites and applications with Lightsail load balancer

Increase application availability and performance

Lightsail’s simplified load balancing routes web traffic across your instances so that your websites and applications can accommodate variations in traffic, be better protected from outages, and deliver a seamless experience to your visitors – all at the predictable price of $18 USD a month.

Leave certificate management to us

Lightsail load balancer also includes integrated certificate management, providing free SSL/TLS certificates that can be provisioned and added to load balancers with just a few clicks. You can request and manage certificates directly from the Lightsail console – and we manage renewals on your behalf.

Benefits of Lightsail load balancer


Lightsail load balancers scale to support variable web traffic. You can also add target instances manually to protect applications end-to-end from anticipated traffic spikes.

Highly available

Build highly available applications and websites by deploying target instances across multiple Availability zones.

Automated health checks

Load balancers automatically check the health of target instances and distribute traffic to healthy target instances only.

Simple interface

Create load balancers, add and monitor target instances, and manage certificates in one place with the Lightsail console or CLI.


Lightsail manages all security policies on your behalf to ensure that application access is secured correctly and following best practices.

Cost-effective, predictable pricing

No need to monitor bandwidth or connections. Lightsail load balancers are simply...

USD per month

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