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Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy offers products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain. Siemens Energy supports its customers on their way to a more sustainable future – no matter how far along the journey they are.

“Siemens Energy works with our customers to improve performance, reliability, and safety through our existing business lines enhanced with digital service solutions. Digitalization is a key driver for a sustainable energy future. With Amazon Lookout for Equipment, we see an opportunity to combine AWS machine learning with Siemens Energy subject matter expertise to give improved visibility into the systems and equipment across the entirety of a customer’s operation. Amazon Lookout for Equipment's automated machine learning workflow makes it easy to build and deploy models across a variety of assets types with no data science knowledge required. Siemens Energy values AWS as a trusted partner accelerating our continued development of the Omnivise suite of digital solutions.”

Amogh Bhonde, Sr. Vice President Digital Solutions - Siemens Energy

Koch Ag & Energy Solutions

Koch Ag & Energy Solutions, LLC and its affiliates (KAES), subsidiaries of Koch Industries, are global providers of value-added solutions for the agriculture, energy and chemical markets.

"Today we are streaming thousands of sensors into AWS and want to leverage this data to help reduce maintenance and downtime for our operations. However, being able to model equipment behavior and diagnose issues from these sensors requires significant investment in time and resources, which has been a hurdle for scaling across our assets. Amazon Lookout for Equipment accelerates and reduces the heavy lift of generating insights through a highly scalable automated machine learning service that minimizes the touchpoints in a data science workflow. "

Dave Kroening, IT Leader - Koch Ag and Energy Solutions



Cepsa is a global energy and chemical company operating end-to-end in every stage of the oil and gas value chain. Cepsa also manufactures products from raw materials of plant origin, and has a presence in the renewable energy sector.

"At Cepsa, digital transformation is focused on people. In that regard, our professionals are the engine behind our transformation. With Amazon Lookout for Equipment, we are bringing machine learning insights to the experts that know the equipment best -- reliability & maintenance engineers -- allowing them to make more informed decisions to drive higher uptime and lower operational costs. Solutions like predictive maintenance for equipment traditionally involve manual and complex data science such as choosing the right algorithms and parameters, but Amazon Lookout for Equipment automates these processes so that engineers can focus on solving the most critical challenges that impact their business."

Alberto Gascón, Head of Advanced Analytics - Cepsa



GS EPS is a South Korean environment-friendly energy enterprise to generate and provide electricity using the clean fuel such as natural gas and bio energy.

“We have been generating data across our assets for over a decade now but have only been using physics and rules based methods to gain insights into our data. Amazon Lookout for Equipment is enabling our plant operation teams to build models on our equipment with no ML expertise required. We are leading the transformation of our organization into a data-driven work culture with AWS and Amazon Lookout for Equipment.”

Kang Bum Lee, Executive Vice President - GS EPS

Doosan Infracore

Doosan Infracore

Infracore is a leading global manufacturer of heavy duty equipment and engines.

"Leveraging AI is critical in advancing Doosan’s next generation equipment, so we have partnered with AWS to develop use cases where automated and scalable machine learning could be leveraged. Based on this, we are excited to continue to work with AWS to leverage Amazon Lookout for Equipment’s analytics in our next generation IOT platform."

Cho, Jae Yeon, VP - Doosan Infracore Strategy & Digital Innovation

OSIsoft, LLC

OSIsoft, LLC

OSIsoft, LLC is a manufacturer of application software for real-time data management, called the PI System.

"Today, there are more than 2b+ sensor-based data streams inside OSIsoft PI Systems, and thousands of customers relying on the PI System daily to run their operations. These customers are constantly looking for methods to easily serve up insights for improving their competitiveness. OSIsoft products can be integrated with AWS services to help customers unlock additional value from their data. Amazon Lookout for Equipment expands the scope of services and insights available to customers by delivering automated machine learning built specifically for equipment monitoring."

Michael Graves, Director - Strategic Alliances

GE Digital

GE Digital

GE Digital is a subsidiary of the American multinational conglomerate corporation General Electric.

"Customers across the industrial sector are increasingly interested in applying machine learning analytics to a wider scope of equipment. With the introduction of Amazon Lookout for Equipment and Amazon Monitron products, AWS continues to enhance their platform for Industrial IOT use cases that can be leveraged by GE Digital to continue exploring ways to help customers further improve uptime and reliability by applying predictive analytics and proven asset management practices to a broader range of plant equipment."

Pat Byrne, CEO - GE Digital

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