AWS Mainframe Modernization offers application intelligence, knowledge, and analysis for migration teams and developers to better understand large application portfolios. Analyzer can help you assess, scope, and even plan a project. Once you’ve migrated mainframe workloads, the tool can also assist with application maintenance and ongoing modernization strategy by helping you evaluate change impacts, reduce risks, and strategize on enhancements or refactoring.


AWS Mainframe Modernization offers an on-demand integrated development environment (IDE) so developers can write code quicker with smart editing and debugging, instant code compilation, and unit testing. You can also use the IDE to migrate mainframe application code, and to develop and enhance enterprise applications running on the Mainframe Modernization Managed Runtime.

Managed Runtime

The AWS Mainframe Modernization managed execution environment continually monitors your clusters to keep enterprise workloads running with self-healing compute and automated scaling, so you can focus on application development. Mainframe Modernization Managed Runtime is built for business-critical enterprise applications, and offers high availability, reliability, and security.


AWS Mainframe Modernization offers both automated and manual refactoring capabilities to accelerate the modernization of mainframe and legacy assets. You can use refactoring to convert legacy application programming languages, to create macroservices or microservices, and to modernize user interfaces (UIs) and application software stacks.

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)

CI/CD introduces automation to boost agility and release velocity across every stage of the development and test pipeline. AWS Mainframe Modernization helps application development teams deliver code changes more frequently and reliably, which accelerates migration speed, increases quality, and helps reduce time-to-market for releasing new business functions.

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