Nimble Studio File Transfer

Moving massive files, huge volumes of content, daily high-res uploads, and dozens of transfers between collaborators is often the most tedious and costly bottleneck in media-centric workflows. It can slow down productivity; delay reviews, approvals and creative decisions; and add expensive external servers or even complex physical systems. 

The File Transfer feature in Amazon Nimble Studio is a lightweight client that enables rapid movement of media files to and from the cloud, simplified for any user.

Amazon Nimble Studio File Transfer is designed to give studios a direct connection from any computer or server to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) at speeds as fast as their network and hardware can accommodate, enabling studios and content creators to collaborate on productions faster with their teams and vendors around the world. With no licensed throughput limits, no additional physical infrastructure, and no added costs, you can minimize your time from creation to cloud storage from weeks to hours without paying more for speed. Only standard Amazon S3 fees accrue. 

Whether delivering dailies from the set, migrating massive media files into archive, or uploading projects for artist and vendor collaboration, there’s no need to set up an entire studio or attach virtual workstations. The Amazon Nimble Studio File Transfer client, a Nimble studioID, your Amazon S3 storage, and IAM policies are all you need to start moving media files as fast as your network allows.

Download clients

Download the client that corresponds to your machine's operating system. Then, run the installer file. For more information about installing File Transfer, see the Getting started section in the File Transfer User Guide.

By downloading the File Transfer client, you agree to the AWS Customer AgreementAWS Service Terms, and AWS Privacy Notice. If you already have an AWS customer agreement, you agree that the terms of that agreement govern your download and use of this product.