AWS User Notifications enables users to centrally configure and view notifications from AWS services, such as AWS Health events, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, or EC2 Instance state changes, in a consistent, human-friendly format. Users can view notifications across accounts, regions, and services in a Console Notifications Center, and configure delivery channels, like email, chat, and push notifications to the AWS Console mobile app, where they can receive these notifications. Notifications provide URLs to direct users to resources on the Management Console, to enable further action and remediation.

Configure notifications

Use the Console Notifications Center to configure the specific AWS service events you wish to be notified about. With a single setup you can control your notification delivery cadence and define which channel(s) notifications should be delivered too.

View notifications

AWS User Notifications provides users with a central Notifications Center accessible from the Console by clicking on the bell icon on the top navigation bar. The Notifications Center provides a central view of configured notifications across accounts, services, and regions.

Supports email, chat and mobile push notifications

Extend your notifications experience outside the console by setting up email notifications, Slack or Chime notifications via AWS Chatbot integration, or push notifications to the AWS Console mobile app for access on the go.

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