AWS Outposts servers

Run AWS Outposts in locations with limited space or smaller capacity requirements

AWS Outposts servers, a part of the AWS Outposts family, provide local compute and networking services for sites with space and capacity constraints, like retail stores, branch offices, healthcare provider locations, or factory floors. They are ideal for low-latency and local data processing needs. 

Outposts servers are delivered directly to you, and installed by either your onsite personnel install or a 3rd-party vendor. Once connected to your network, AWS will remotely provision compute and storage resources. With Outposts servers you can run native AWS services locally, like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), and AWS IoT Greengrass. You can use the same AWS APIs, control plane, and tools that you’re familiar with to manage servers across hundreds or thousands of on-premises locations.

The 1U high server is suitable for 19ʺ wide cabinets, is 24ʺ deep, and uses an AWS Graviton2 processor to provide 64 vCPUs, 128 GiB memory, and 4 TB of local NVMe storage. The 2U high server is suitable for standard 19ʺ wide, 30ʺ deep cabinets, and uses an Intel processor to provide up to 128 vCPUs, 256 GiB memory, and 8 TB of local NVMe.

Introducing AWS Outposts Servers (2:19)


Run AWS Services on premises

Deploy fully managed, rack-mountable servers on premises for space constrained locations or smaller capacity requirements.

Differentiate services and experiences

Deliver innovative applications requiring low-latency, local data processing, or data residency closer to on-premises systems.

Deliver seamless operational experiences

Build and operate with familiar AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools for a truly consistent hybrid experience.

Industry use cases


Build manufacturing process control systems that respond in near real time to factory floor equipment. Reduce error rates and improve your operational outcomes by processing data and images from your on-premises production line with AWS IoT services and machine learning (ML).


Use cloud services and tools to orchestrate, update, scale, and manage your networks. Deliver the high performance and low latency required for SD-WAN and private 5G applications on AWS Outposts servers.


Run sales systems at all your retail shop locations for low latency and local network access. Aggregate inventory data and analyze customer behavior using data lakes and ML models running in an AWS Region.

Healthcare clinics and hospitals

Identify trends and conditions by analyzing real-time equipment data and leveraging ML inference. Enable rapid evaluation of patient monitoring devices to accelerate medical diagnosis.


Pure Storage

Pure is redefining the storage experience and empowering innovators by simplifying how people consume and interact with data. 

"Pure Storage provides external storage solutions for block, file, and S3-compatible object storage, as well as data management capabilities for Amazon EKS. Pure’s solutions allow customers to scale from a few hundred TBs to multi-PBs of data connected to Outposts servers, while providing the industry-best performance necessary for any workload. Portworx by Pure Storage provides Kubernetes data solutions that allow you to deploy and manage modern apps based on Amazon EKS that span your datacenter, Outposts servers, and the AWS Region.”

Michael Sotnick, VP of Global Alliances


Vistry is delivering restaurant automation SaaS applications with AWS Outposts servers.

"With the historic challenges quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) are facing due to the pandemic, restaurant automation at the edge is a core focus for many brands. AWS Outposts servers address many of the key challenges of digitization encountered in QSR owner/operator franchise models. By having a consistent, reliable, secure and affordable enterprise infrastructure extended to the edge, IoT and machine learning real-time workloads can be provisioned using the same services, APIs and experiences available in the cloud. This allows for rapid innovations that QSR brands are seeking, to respond to rapidly evolving customer needs."

Atif Kureishy, CEO Vistry

"The new AWS Outposts servers allow Mavenir to bring 5G CORE closer to the end user, enabling lower latency and on-premises data residency for value-added use cases such as video analytics and AR/VR using Mavenir Intelligent Video Analytics,” said Ashok Kuntia, Mavenir EVP & GM for 5G Core. ”With the new AWS Outposts servers, Mavenir and our customers can enjoy all of the benefits of AWS cloud such as scalability and cloud economics without having to worry about the infrastructure layer, enabling us to focus on bringing business value where enterprises need it most."

Ashok Kuntia, EVP 5G Core Business