The AWS Panorama Appliance can run multiple computer vision (CV) models on multiple concurrent video streams. You can engage with AWS Panorama Partners to build a custom CV application to address your unique use case or implement pre-defined solutions such as optimizing in-store experiences, improving restaurant operations, and gathering supply chain input. 

Partner Community

AWS Panorama supports a growing selection of CV applications from AWS Panorama Partners. Customers without machine learning experience can get started with applications that enable people counting, vehicle classification, license plate recognition, and many other use cases. 

Set up in minutes

Once installed and connected to your network, the AWS Panorama Appliance connects to the AWS Management Console where you can register your appliance and add video feeds from onsite cameras, and deploy CV applications in minutes.

Connect IP cameras

The AWS Panorama Appliance supports RTSP-enabled internet protocol (IP) cameras.

Parallel multi-model multi-stream support

The AWS Panorama Appliance supports connecting to multiple camera streams at a given time and supports running multiple ML models per stream.

Inference at the edge

By running CV applications at the edge using Panorama, you can achieve low latency inference, control your data privacy, and operate with limited internet bandwidth. 

Fleet Management

You can easily connect to existing fleets of IP cameras at the edge, create and deploy CV applications across AWS Panorama-enabled devices, and manage the lifecycle of those applications to drive process improvements across multiple sites.

Cloud-to-edge model development

AWS Panorama enables developers to train their own ML models with a variety of frameworks in the cloud and then optimize them to run quickly and accurately at the edge. 

Ruggedized for multiple environments

The AWS Panorama Appliance is a ruggedized IP62 rated edge appliance, which makes it suitable for deployment in many types of environments as it is dust proof and water resistant.

AWS Panorama Appliance Setup

Extract powerful insights from your existing onsite cameras with the AWS Panorama Appliance.

The AWS Panorama Appliance is easy to set up following these steps:

Step 1: Unbox

Step 2: Plug in and connect to devices

Step 3: Run CV on camera streams

Step 1: Unbox
Step 2: Plug in and connect to devices
Step 3: Run CV on camera streams

Say hello to the AWS Panorama Appliance!

Log in to your AWS account, and install one or more AWS Panorama Appliance devices on the same network as your on-premises cameras. Provision your AWS Panorama Appliance for connection to the AWS Cloud and to connect to network cameras.

You can use your own custom CV applications on the Appliance, or work with AWS Panorama Partners for use cases such as optimizing in-store experiences, improving restaurant operations, and gathering critical supply chain input. The inference results can be displayed on a monitor, or sent through MQTT messaging to a variety of local or cloud-based endpoints or systems.

The AWS Panorama Appliance has one HDMI port for connecting to a video monitor to see inference output, and two GigE Ethernet ports to provide redundancy, to connect to two subnets, or for load balancing. The device is about a half rack unit wide, meaning two units can be placed side by side on a standard rack shelf on a server rack and fastened to the rack using the included screws.

AWS Panorama Appliance
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