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Port of Vancouver

Port of Vancouver

The Vancouver Fraser Port is the third-largest Port in North America, processing 3.5 million shipping containers a year. 

"We needed a solution to help optimize ground operations and expedite container inspection for the thousands of containers entering our port every day.  We identified computer vision as an enabler that could address this problem. With the help of Deloitte, we are using AWS Panorama and other advanced analytics technologies to identify and track containers throughout our facilities. Our customers benefit from real-time visibility through data feeds into a block chain system, and the Port is able to identify efficiency improvement opportunities in the existing process.”

Greg Rogge, Director of Operations for the Port of VC

Cincinnati Airport

Cincinnati Airport

Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is a public international airport located in Hebron, Kentucky, which serves the Cincinnati tri-state area.

"The Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport is committed to providing a world-class traveler experience through continuous innovation and strategic partnerships. By using TaskWatch’s application on AWS Panorama, we are able to bring computer vision to our existing IP cameras to automatically monitor congestion for over 70,000 square feet of airport traffic lanes. Once an issue is detected, such as a disabled vehicle, TaskWatch sends real time alerts to airport staff so they can provide assistance, keep the traffic flowing, and reduce delays for our passengers."

Brian Cobb, Chief Innovation Officer, Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky International Airport

Tyson Foods Inc.

Tyson Foods Inc. is the largest U.S. food company, focused on tackling some of the biggest sustainability challenges facing the world today. 

“Our team partnered with the Amazon ML Solutions Lab (MLSL) to build computer vision (CV) models for counting packaged products on our line for quality assurance (QA), and we used AWS Panorama to deploy these models to the edge. MLSL delivered a low-latency object detection solution with a mAP score of 0.91, and provided insights on how further improvements could be made to build, train, and re-deploy models on an ongoing basis. These efforts have enabled us to develop automated CV solutions for QA on our packaging lines using AWS Panorama.”

Barret Miller, Sr. Manager, Emerging Technology, Tyson Foods, Inc.


Parkland is Canada’s and the Caribbean’s largest, and one of America’s fastest growing, independent suppliers and marketers of fuel and petroleum products and a leading convenience store operator. 

“We want to use computer vision to better understand consumer needs in our stores, optimize operations and increase the convenience for our visitors. We plan to use AWS Panorama to deploy different computer vision applications at our stores and experiment over time to strengthen our customer experience and value proposition.”

Ian White, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Innovation

bpx Energy

bpx Energy is a division of BP which oversees onshore, continental U.S. oil and gas exploration and production.

“Our engineering teams here at BP are working very closely with AWS to build an IoT and cloud platform that will enable us to continuously improve the efficiency of our operations. One of the areas we have explored as part of this effort is the use of computer vision to help us solve a number of issues related to security and worker safety. We want to leverage computer vision to automate the entry and exit trucks to our facility and verify that they have fulfilled the correct order. Additionally, we see possibilities for computer vision to keep our workers safe in a number of ways, from monitoring social distancing, to setting up dynamic exclusion zones, and detecting oil leaks. AWS Panorama offers an innovative approach to delivering all of these solutions on a single hardware platform with an intuitive user experience. Our teams are excited to work with AWS on this new technology and expect it to help us address many new use cases.”

Grant Matthews, Chief Technology Officer, BP America


Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars, basses, amplifiers and related equipment.

“Many unique components go into each guitar and each instrument is carefully crafted. With AWS Panorama and help from the Amazon Machine Learning Solutions Lab, we can have real-time visibility into metrics for the first time such as how long it takes to manufacture different types of guitars, and how much time each process requires. We can use these metrics to spot bottlenecks, optimize efficiency, and improve overall operations.”

Michael Spandau, SVP Global IT, Fender

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