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Build and deploy innovative solutions from AWS and AWS Partners to improve operational efficiency, quality, agility, and security.

Improve Innovation in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Partners offer cloud-based solutions that enable industrial customers to accelerate R&D, streamline supply chains, and optimize operations, while maintaining the highest standards for data security and protection.

AWS Partners help customers at all stages of their digital transformation lifecycle by offering customizable or ready-to-deploy solutions that expedite time-to-results while reducing overall costs. AWS Partner solutions simplify the process of deploying innovative Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), analytics, and edge solutions to achieve improvements in operational efficiency, quality, and agility for their customers.

AWS Partner Network Competency

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Smart Factory: Optimize Factory Operations

Lower costs and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by transforming legacy manufacturing plants into Smart Factories. Our AWS Partners can deliver Smart Factory solutions to help manufacturers drive OT/IT convergence, implement new business models, and modernize the IT environment.

Product and Production Design: Enable Digital Initiatives to Speed Time to Market

Learn how our AWS Partners increase the pace of innovation while decreasing production and operational costs in manufacturing value chains to ultimately improve products.

Engineering and Design: Focus on Innovation, Not Maintenance

Discover how AWS Partner solutions help speed time to market, reduce costs, increase agility, and provide protection for critical data and intellectual property.

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