AWS Sponsorship FAQs


Who is eligible to sponsor AWS sponsorship programs?

AWS sponsorships are reserved for AWS Partners and select Customers. Not an AWS Partner? Learn more here

How do I ensure I hear about AWS Sponsorship program launches?

Sign up for our newsletter and bookmark our Sponsorship website. We announce all program launches via email and also post regular updates to our website.

How do I sign up to sponsor?

When you’re ready to secure a sponsorship, complete the contract request form for your desired sponsorship program and a sponsorship agreement will be sent to you within 2 business days.

Content is key to delivering a customer-first experience.

To provide an experience that is focused on engaging our customers please be prepared for your sponsorship content to be reviewed by AWS. We will provide support to sponsors with speaking sessions, but we rely heavily on our Partners to create the compelling content that will engage our shared audience.

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