APN Global Startup Program

Power your fast growing enterprise-tech startup

What is the APN Global Startup Program?

The APN Global Startup Program is an invite-only, go-to-market program built to support mid-to-late stage startups that have raised institutional funding, achieved product-market fit, and are ready to scale.

The APN Global Startup Program offers unique support to startups by assigning Partner Development Managers (PDMs) with deep AWS knowledge and startup or co-sell business experience. PDMs leverage a robust set of AWS resources and drive visibility across multiple AWS teams to power startups’ growth at the speed they need. The APN Global Startup Program supports startups and the investors that back them, in three key areas: Product Development, Go-to-Market, and Co-Sell.

Discover the APN Global Startup Program benefits, how to join the program, and success stories below.

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Spot by NetApp grows revenue 300 percent through APN Global Startup Program

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APN Global Startup Partner Benefits

Product development

Product development

Become enterprise-ready by adopting Well-Architected best practices and conducting AWS Technical Baseline Review to reduce workload risks.

Accelerate product development by gaining access to AWS experts, and through architecture reviews, immersive workshops, and alignment with AWS service teams.

Differentiate your solutions by working with AWS Partner Solutions Architects who can help you leverage AWS services to map to unique customer use cases.



Increase visibility for your startup with enterprise customers through case studies, win wires, blogs, and the AWS Startup Partner Solutions webpage.

Generate leads for your business by participating in seminars, events, and webinars, while receiving exclusive invites to relevant AWS-led events.

Preferential access to Marketing Development Funding, in both cash and AWS credits, to accelerate outreach and offset cost of campaigns, content development, and more. Receive AWS credits to list your solutions on AWS Marketplace or to support customer POCs.



Receive dedicated support from co-sell specialists to drive engagement with the AWS Sales and field teams and create a well-defined sales strategy.

Reduce sales cycles and improve win rates for opportunities with mutual customers. Accelerate existing deals with assistance from AWS sellers or generate new opportunities through customer introductions.

Gain expedited access to the AWS ISV Accelerate Program to help you co-sell. 

Journey of a Startup on AWS

From early stage to later stage startups, we offer credits, training, and resources to support all types and sizes of startups from across the globe. 

Early Stage Startups

AWS Startups

Whether you need help solving a technical challenge, hiring the right engineers, or finalizing a fundraising round, AWS Startups have all the resources you need to get started.

AWS Activate for Startups

AWS Activate for Startups provides the resources your startup needs to quickly get started on AWS including credits, training, and support.

AWS Lofts

AWS Lofts provide a place where startups and developers can meet over coffee, work on their apps, attend educational sessions, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions at no cost.

AWS Startup Days

AWS Startup Days are free full-day events that deliver education and networking opportunities to startups to enable and accelerate innovation and growth, provide education on emerging trends, and inspire action through personal experiences of startup founders.

Later Stage Startups

  • Step 1: Request an Invite
  • Step 2: Build Your Foundation for the APN Global Startup Program
  • Step 3: Develop a Partner Plan with AWS
  • Step 1: Request an Invite
    • To be considered for the APN Global Startup Program, your startup will need to:
      • Have a clear, demonstrated product market fit for an innovative enterprise technology product
      • Be backed and recommended by a top-tier VC firm
      • Have sales and marketing resources in place to building your AWS and cloud strategy
    • If you believe this program is for you, submit the interest form, and the AWS team will reach out to you to recommend the best path forward for your startup and explore next steps
  • Step 2: Build Your Foundation for the APN Global Startup Program
    • Join the APN. If you haven’t already registered your company with the APN, join at no cost by creating your APN Partner Central account
    • Start with APN Navigate Foundations Track: Once registered with the APN, get started with the APN Navigate Foundations Track to start your AWS Partner journey and learn how to accelerate product development, go-to-market, and co-sell your offerings
    • Conduct AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR): With support from your Partner Solution Architect, conduct an AWS FTR and showcase that your products are trustworthy and optimized to run on AWS. Upon successful completion of the FTR, and payment of the annual APN fee, you can earn the "Reviewed by AWS" Solution badge. Conduct AWS Foundational Technical Review »
    • Submit AWS Partner Opportunity Referrals: Submit Partner Opportunity Referrals to seek AWS Sales support through the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program
    • Increase visibility with quick wins: Drive awareness for your solution by publishing on our APN Startups Blog
    • Publish 2 publicly referenceable customers within the past 12 months
    • Launch 10 Opportunities with at least $10,000 in AWS monthly recurring revenue (MRR) within the last 12 months tracked and managed via the APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Pipeline Manager
  • Step 3: Develop a Partner Plan with AWS
    • Collaborate on a Partner Business Plan: Together with your Startup PDM, develop a Partner Business Plan that will include a Go-to-market (GTM) strategy with goals for product development, marketing, and co-sell support
    • Execute with the APN Global Startup team: Once your plan is ready, your dedicated PDM will meet with you on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to align on KPIs, GTM activities, and more
    • Unlock benefits: Work with your PDM to participate in AWS Partner Programs, and make the most of the marketing and funding benefits available to you as an AWS Global Startup Partner. Explore MDF Funding »

APN Global Startup Success Stories

Learn how APN Global Startup Partners are delivering end-to-end solutions to AWS customers.