OST Increases Value of Opportunities by 77% with the AWS Partner Transformation Program

Executive Summary

IT solutions provider OST Tecnologia (OST) improved its cloud expertise and grew its business opportunities by participating in the AWS Partner Transformation Program (AWS PTP). OST provides technology and infrastructure to improve customers’ business outcomes in a variety of industries. With decades of experience innovating for on-premises infrastructure, the company wanted to expand its cloud offerings and improve internal coordination. To build its cloud knowledge, it completed the AWS PTP with support from training company ADVANCE Consulting. After completing the program, OST increased its number of business opportunities created by 19 percent, achieving 77 percent greater value in new business engagements.

Expanding Cloud Offerings by Building Knowledge

IT solutions and infrastructure provider and AWS Partner OST helps customers implement new technology to improve business continuity. As the company looked to expand its offerings using AWS, it wanted to quickly enhance its cloud expertise. OST engaged the AWS team and entered the AWS PTP, a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program focused on helping organizations build successful and profitable AWS Cloud businesses. The AWS team introduced OST to ADVANCE Consulting, a consulting and training company, and facilitated a workshop to define company goals and deliverables.

“Participating in the AWS PTP program was greatly rewarding. We validated concepts and actions that we were doing correctly, improved our strategy, and increased our knowledge of AWS across all our teams.”

- Sérgio Leandro, Chief Executive Officer, OST

Accelerating Learning and Sales

OST had provided innovative solutions to customers using on-premises infrastructure for over 25 years, and it wanted to increase its cloud expertise to continue differentiating its solutions. “We are technical salespeople,” says Sérgio Leandro, Chief Executive Officer, OST. “We add value to our customers’ businesses, not just to their IT systems.” At the same time, the company wanted to accelerate its sales by improving internal coordination.

OST was an existing AWS Partner for two years prior to entering the AWS PTP in May 2021. The company chose to participate in the program to accelerate building out its cloud business and to grow opportunities and revenue. ADVANCE Consulting gained a deep understanding of OST’s needs and developed a 100-day plan to improve its cloud business offering and market positioning. “With the support from ADVANCE Consulting, we saw exactly what we could achieve in the cloud,” says Leandro.

Increasing Opportunities and Revenue

Through the AWS PTP, OST significantly improved its business outcomes. “We challenged ourselves to do the same business we excel at, but better,” says Leandro. By using AWS services more effectively, OST grew its opportunities and diversified the workloads that it offered to customers. And by increasing their cloud expertise, OST’s engineers could coordinate better and produce clearer proposals to customers. “After the AWS PTP, we could say with confidence, ‘Here’s what you want, and here’s what we can offer,’” says Leandro.

As a result, the company created 19 percent more opportunities after the AWS PTP than it did during an equal period before the program. The value of those new opportunities was 77 percent greater than that of previous engagements. “The greatest value of the AWS PTP was engaging our employees and bringing them together with the shared goal to continue building a successful business,” says Leandro. With support from ADVANCE Consulting, OST gained a clear understanding of the AWS cloud business model through the program and used this knowledge to close deals faster. It also increased the number of its engineers’ AWS technical and business certifications by 50 percent.

“The greatest value of the AWS PTP was engaging our employees and bringing them together with the shared goal to continue building a successful business.”

- Sérgio Leandro, Chief Executive Officer, OST


About OST Tecnologia

OST Tecnologia (OST) is an IT solutions and infrastructure provider and AWS Public Sector Partner that implements new technologies to help customers generate business. For over 25 years, it has innovated and helped businesses improve processes in mission-critical environments.

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Published July 2022