AWS Partner Transformation Program

Setting the stage to transform your business

The AWS Partner Transformation Program (PTP) is a comprehensive assessment, training, and enablement program focused on helping you build a successful and profitable AWS Cloud business. Whether you are new to the cloud or in the advanced stages of building your cloud business, this program provides partners with the guidance to accelerate the development of your AWS skills and expertise to better serve your customers' journey to the cloud.

Through the PTP, AWS helps partners expedite cloud readiness in key business areas to help customers migrate to the cloud. The result is partner transformation, building an innovative cloud business for partners to better serve the ultimate customer.

The PTP is open to partners that are either new to cloud and need help with planning for cloud migration, or have started the process but need help in accelerating their journey. Every PTP partner receives a customized Transformation Plan to accelerate their journey to AWS and support in the execution of identified activities. To learn more, speak to your AWS Partner Development Manager or contact us.

eBook: The AWS Partner Transformation Program

As digital transformation becomes critical to competitiveness, public sector and commercial organizations are accelerating their migration to the cloud. At the same time, partners must also embrace a digital transformation of their own to optimize cloud expertise and explore opportunities for innovation. Download this e-book, developed together with Brian Solis, leading digital analyst and best-selling author, to learn more about how to get started on your own digital transformation. It serves as the backstory to current digital transformation, explores the states of markets, and spotlights how partners can innovate how they help their customers adapt and grow.


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AWS Partner Transformation Program Benefits


Reduce ramp up time to AWS Cloud

Accelerate marketplace strategy for selling AWS Cloud

Set the stage to win business and contracts in Public Sector

Positive Rating

Deliver high quality work to end customers

Fundamentals of the AWS Partner Transformation Program


Comprehensive Assessment

A formal, deep-dive guided review of your organization’s cloud readiness and target state


Customized Transformation Plan

A detailed, customized Transformation Plan of activities to achieve your goals to build, transform, and optimize your cloud business, boosting your AWS business potential


Partner Enablement

Up to $25,000 in AWS Promotional Credits or cash to offset the cost of eligible transformation activities

Your Cloud Transformation Starts Here

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Partner Testimonials


“Participating in the AWS PTP program was greatly rewarding. We validated concepts and actions that we were doing correctly, improved our strategy, and increased our knowledge of AWS across all our teams.”
—Sérgio Leandro, CEO, OST

Click here for the OST Case Study


“The AWS PTP was a milestone for Darede. We transformed how we positioned ourselves to our customers and greatly matured our business processes. “
—Flavio Rescia, Chief Technical Officer and Cofounder, Darede Servicos de TI

Click here for the Darede Case Study


"We are iterating our sales processes so that we can continually improve and get things done better and faster. This improvement cycle started with the AWS PTP."
—Renato Calabro, Chief Technical Officer, ST IT Cloud

Click here for the ST IT Case Study


“The AWS PTP has changed the game,” says Chiarin. “Our team now has more confidence to
pitch to customers and get leads using AWS.”
—Lisa Chiarin, Product General Manager, Mastersystem

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