Understand how customers interact with your products and engagements.

Understanding how your customers use your mobile and web applications is critical to improving your customer engagement efforts and your products. Amazon Pinpoint collects usage attributes and metrics to help you identify trends in how customers are interacting with your applications. You can use this data to trigger messages when customers take certain actions in your apps, to create both dynamic and static segments, and to analyze how your messages impact downstream behavior.

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Usage analytics can be used to drive better product decisions. You can identify where customers tend to drop off when using your mobile or web app, and then use this data to determine if the reason is due to a poor product experience. You can then improve that experience and re-engage your customers with personalized messages. Additionally, you can include event-specific feedback messages to help you better understand how your customers feel about your product at various stages of the customer journey.


Usage metrics can help you identify customers that are at risk of churning. When you identify these customers, you can send them messages designed to re-engage them, such as special offers, reminders, or tips for how to successfully use your product. This helps you reduce churn and improve retention rates.


With event-based campaigns, you can determine valuable actions in your application and trigger notifications when your customers complete those actions within a certain timeframe. This allows you to instantly send a congratulatory email when a customer reaches a certain level in your mobile app or send a reminder to a customer who left unpurchased items in their shopping cart.


You can customize the events that you track to ensure you are collecting usage data about moments that are important to your business. For example, a video streaming company can track custom attributes and metrics such as video titles and duration of videos watched. They can then use this data to understand which videos are resonating best with their customers and to deliver personalized messages that includes content about specific videos a customer watched.


Usage data allows you understand how your engagement efforts impact downstream usage. This enables you to optimize messages to meet your desired business outcomes. For example, if the ideal outcome for a multi-channel email and SMS promotional campaign is to drive purchases of a new product, you can create goal events that you track in Amazon Pinpoint. You can then match which campaigns resulted in this usage goal to track which channel resulted in the best outcome.

Key features

Overview Charts

The application analytics overview section in Amazon Pinpoint contains common metrics that quickly give you an overview about how your customers are using your application. Some examples of these usage metrics are daily and monthly active endpoints, new customers, 7-day retention rate, number of sessions, and the revenue generated by your application. Learn more about usage overview charts.

Usage Deep-Dive Charts

The Usage charts in Amazon Pinpoint give you insights into how your customers use your applications. The Users Metrics dashboard includes information about customer retention, such as monthly active users and sticky factor. The Sessions Metrics dashboard helps you understand the duration and time of day when customers use your app. The Authentication Metrics section shows you how many new customers signed up, and how many existing customers signed in. For more information, see Usage Charts in the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.


The charts on the Events page help you quickly identify usage trends by displaying charts for a specified event type and its attributes. You can filter the charts on the page to show any event that your application reports, such as “level completed” or “video viewed”.  Learn more about event analytics.

Funnel Analytics

You can use Amazon Pinpoint funnel analytics to visualize how many of your customers complete each of a series of steps in your app. For example, the series of steps in a funnel can be a conversion process that results in a purchase, or some other intended user behavior such as completing a television series or game level. By monitoring funnels, you can assess whether conversion rates have improved because of changes made to your app or because of a campaign sent with Amazon Pinpoint. Learn more about funnel charts here.

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