Amazon Pinpoint helps digital marketers and application developers engage with their customers across multiple channels, including email, SMS, and mobile push. With Amazon Pinpoint, you can define a customer segment and launch a targeted campaign in minutes. The following sections highlight some of the key features of Amazon Pinpoint.

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If you're a mobile developer, you can collect information about your users by integrating the AWS Mobile SDK into your application. When you do so, Amazon Pinpoint will gather information about the ways in which your customers use your applications, as well as information about the devices they use. Amazon Pinpoint can also track custom attributes; for example, a sports app could track users' favorite teams.


Build highly targeted segments of customers based on application usage, device capabilities, demographics, or custom attributes that you define. If you store customer data in Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift, you can run custom queries against that date and import the resulting segments into Pinpoint.


Engage with customers using the communication channels they prefer. For example, you can send rich, long-form content by email, or alert customers to important information immediately by sending text messages or mobile push notifications. You can send messages to highly targeted customer segments, or use the Amazon Pinpoint API to send direct messages to specific recipients.


Create up to five message variations and deploy them to a subset of your customers. Measure the performance of each treatment, and then send the best message to your target segment.  


Amazon Pinpoint provides a wide variety of campaign metrics, including the number of times your app was opened as a result of a message you sent, the number of customers who opted out of receiving your communications, and the number of email messages that were opened or clicked. You can use these metrics to better understand the performance of past campaigns, and to optimize the results of future campaigns.  


You can use the Amazon Pinpoint API to automate your campaigns and extend your applications. With the Pinpoint API, you can export application event data, define customer segments, and create and execute multi-channel campaigns. You can also use the API to send direct messages, such as new account creation notifications or order confirmations, directly to specific recipients.


Amazon Pinpoint can deliver SMS messages to over 200 countries around the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and everywhere in between. 


If you currently use an external application, such as a CRM platform or customer database, to store your customer information, you can export that data and store it in an Amazon S3 bucket. You can then use that data to create new segments for your email, SMS, and mobile push campaigns in Amazon Pinpoint.