Getting Started with AWS Private 5G

Step 1: Plan

  • Inventory equipment and devices that will be on the network.
  • Determine placement of radio units.

Step 2: Order

  • Place the order on the AWS Management Console or run the API.
  • Provide a shipping address for your equipment.
  • Receive the order.

Step 3: Install

  • Install radio units. Install SIMs.
  • Provide site coordinates (longitude, latitude, elevation).
  • Provide the Certified Professional Installer credentials.

Step 4: Go live

  • Enjoy the benefits of a high-performance, reliable private mobile network.
  • Manage from the AWS Management Console.
  • Configure traffic groups.
  • With pay-as-you-go pricing, you have no upfront costs.

RF Planning and Certified Professional Installation (CPI)

If you need help with radio frequency and network planning and Certified Professional Installation of AWS Private 5G radios, reach out to the following partners to provide these services. These services can be procured through the AWS Marketplace, as indicated.


Design and Deploy AWS Private 5G Networks

Private 5G Service Implementation Design, Deploy, Manage, and Scale your Private LTE Network. By combining AWS with Bearcom’s extensive design, deployment, and consulting expertise, we can help you meet your digital transformation goals now.

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Federated Wireless

Pro Services for AWS Private 5G

Federated Wireless’ Pro Services for AWS Private 5G give AWS Private 5G customers the benefit of our industry-leading experience with implementing and operating private wireless networks across multiple industries and use cases, along with our close collaboration with AWS for private wireless systems.

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Infosys Private 5G Deployment Services

Infosys provides RF planning, CBRS CPI Certified Professional Installation, Cloud Infrastructure Services, Use Case Development, Maintenance Services and E2E Managed Services for the AWS Private 5G service.

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Tech Mahindra

Implementation of AWS Private 5G for Enterprises

Customers use TechM's 5G for enterprise network services to set up a full private network and a vertical-specific solution by leveraging AWS and partner solutions. TechM brings in professional services such as RF plan/design/optimize, field services, and IT/OT integration, in addition to industry-specific solutions.

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