Amazon Nimble Studio FAQs

Q: How do I get my data/assets in or out of Nimble Studio?

Use the File Transfer feature in Nimble Studio to upload and transfer large media files into and between Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets. 

Q: Does Nimble Studio File Transfer cost anything to use?

The Nimble Studio File Transfer feature is free to use. However, standard Amazon S3 pricing will accrue for transfers to S3, from S3, and at rest in S3. Please see the Pricing Page for details. 

Q: How do I ensure my data is secure?

Security at AWS is the highest priority. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, using either service-owned keys or customer-managed Customer Master Keys (CMK), including encryption of all traffic on AWS global and regional networks. Data is additionally protected by studio administrators who control IAM permissions for project access. Administrators can also access AWS CloudWatch logs to audit Nimble Studio usage.

Additionally, AWS has a shared responsibility model with our customers. AWS manages and controls the components, from the host operating system and virtualization layer down to the physical security of the facilities in which the services operate, and AWS customers are responsible for building and configuring secure applications. We provide a wide variety of best practices documents, encryption tools, and other guidance our customers can leverage in delivering application-level security measures. In addition, AWS Partners offer hundreds of tools and features to help customers meet their security objectives, ranging from network security, configuration management, access control, and data encryption.

Q: What is the rendering workflow, and do I have access to manage my jobs?

Nimble Studio provides access to Thinkbox Deadline , enabling artists to use their digital content creation (DCC) tools to submit render jobs to the farm. Administrators can use the Deadline Monitor to maintain full render farm control. Customers who connect their pre-existing render farms to Nimble Studio can submit jobs through virtual workstations and DCC application plugins.

Q: What customer support can I expect?

AWS Support provides a mix of tools, technology, people, and programs designed to help you proactively optimize performance, lower costs, and innovate faster. Learn more about AWS Support.

Q: Can I link Nimble Studio to AWS-based workstations?
Yes, you can use Amazon EC2Amazon WorkSpaces, Arch Platform, or any service of your choice.

Q: Can I use my on-premises workstations with Nimble Studio (or do I need existing virtual workstations)?
You can use on-premises workstations to facilitate high-speed data movement between local facilities and AWS using the Nimble Studio File Transfer feature. You don’t need existing virtual workstations; Nimble Studio and its features are workstation-agnostic.


Current Nimble Studio Workstation Customers

Q: How long can I use my existing workstations until they are taken offline; when is my deadline to migrate?
The final date for use of existing Nimble Studio workstations is June 19th, 2024 after which they will no longer be accessible. If you’re an existing Nimble Studio workstation customer, to transition your managed workstations to another AWS service provider or self-managed solution please reach out to your account manager, sales consultant, or through AWS console support, and we will assist you to ensure a secure transition for your managed workstation resources.

Amazon Nimble Studio will remain as an AWS service. You can use Nimble Studio’s File Transfer feature—which enables rapid movement of media files to and from the cloud—along with Nimble Studio APIs to extend your studio's functionality and leverage additional AWS services.

Q: How do I get started with migrating my workstations and data onto another AWS platform?
You’ll find migration information here: Migrating Nimble Studio

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Getting started with Amazon Nimble Studio

Visit the Amazon Nimble Studio Getting started page.

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