With Amazon Nimble Studio, you can accelerate your migration of your studio to the cloud so you can hire the best talent and scale to meet your clients’ demands for creative content.


Bring your pipelines, workflows, applications, tools, and processes to Nimble Studio, ensuring a seamless transition for your artists.

File Transfer

Nimble Studio’s File Transfer feature enables rapid movement of media files to and from the cloud with no licensed limit on transfer speed, so studios and content creators can collaborate faster on productions — without paying extra for a separate transfer solution or additional physical infrastructure. Transfer speeds are only limited by hardware and network configurations, and by using Amazon S3 for object storage, only Amazon S3 storage costs are accrued.


Take advantage of a full set of APIs to integrate proprietary tools into your workflow. Use the Nimble Studio API to extend your studio's functionality and leverage additional AWS services.

Learn more about product pricing
Learn more about product pricing

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