Fivetran has built the only zero-configuration data integration tool for analytics teams, turning months of development into a 5-minute setup.

We provide fully-automated data synchronization from APIs like, databases like MySQL, event tracking from Snowplow.js, and CSV uploads into Amazon Redshift. Our output connector for Salesforce’s Lightning Connect makes petabytes of data available in your Salesforce1 account in real time. See all Amazon Redshift Integrations.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • 5 minute setup time. Set up a data pipeline simply by authenticating your SaaS applications and defining your Amazon Redshift target - we handle the rest.
  • Fully managed service. Fivetran monitors and maintains your data pipeline for you, so your data is always accurate and fresh.
  • Elastic to source schema changes. Fivetran’s unique pipeline technology automatically persists data and schema changes to Amazon Redshift
  • Quickly access petabytes of data in SFDC. Easily incorporate lead scoring and predictive analysis in minutes.

Request a free trial. Then simply authenticate your SaaS applications, define your Amazon Redshift target, and press GO.

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