AWS Security Hub User Guide
Describes how to set up AWS Security Hub.
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This guide describes all of the API operations for AWS Security Hub.
This guide describes how AWS Partner Network (APN) solutions integrate with AWS Security Hub.
This guide assists in setting up an AWS Security Hub demonstration.
This guide describes the AWS Foundational Security Best Practices standard and its controls.
This solution consists of a set of CloudFormation templates that enable you to add automated response and remediation actions to Security Hub.
The Security Hub Organization solution will automate enabling AWS Security Hub by delegating administration to an account (e.g. Audit or Security Tooling) and configuring Security Hub for all the existing and future AWS Organization accounts.

On demand content

AWS on Air at re:Inforce 2023 - AWS Security Hub Automation Rules (20:07)
re:Inforce 2023 - Centralizing security at scale w/ Security Hub & Intuit’s experience (47:20)
re:Inforce 2023 - Continuous innovation in AWS detection and response services (TDR204) (56:21)
Integration, Prioritization, and Response with AWS Security Hub - AWS Virtual Workshop (1:23:05)
The top 7 ways to operationalize AWS Security Hub - AWS Online Tech Talks (40:01)
Visualize AWS Security Hub findings using Amazon QuickSight - Amazon Web Services (10:13)


Automations in Security Hub (11:45)
Using the Security Hub finding history feature (3:32)
Subscribing to Security Hub announcements (2:29)
An overview of AWS Security Hub (9:56)
Ingesting sensitive data findings from Amazon Macie (3:12)
Using AWS Organizations to manage AWS Security Hub accounts (4:26)
Bidirectional integration with Atlassian Jira Service Management (JSM) (8:40)
Working with security standards and controls to improve your security posture (12:05)
Bidirectional integration with ServiceNow ITSM (7:38)
Introduction to Foundational Security Best Practices Standard (5:37)
Cross-Region finding aggregation demo (4:18)


AWS Security Hub features
Explore AWS Security Hub features

Security Hub offers aggregated findings across AWS services and partner solutions, pre-configured and custom security insights, and multi-account support.

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