Evidation Health Enables Next-Generation Clinical Studies on AWS


Industry Challenge

Evidation Health sought to understand everyday behaviors that create better health outcomes by running digital studies using “invisible” data—data collected passively in everyday life from devices like smartphones and wearable sensors. “As humans, we don’t have analytics on ourselves. We keep going until we are too sick, and then we go to the doctor,” says Alessio Signorini, cofounder and chief technology officer of Evidation Health. Passively collected data could enable health personalization outside the walls of a clinic, increasing visibility and accuracy.

Evidation Health Enables Next Generation Clinical Studies on AWS (1:07)

On AWS, we can focus on applications and results instead of infrastructure, hardware, and scalability. That’s huge for us.”

Alessio Signorini
Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer, Evidation Health

Evidation Health’s Solution

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers HIPAA-eligible capabilities that can help life sciences organizations optimize the timelines, processes, and costs of trials. Evidation Health created a development and deployment pipeline on AWS, using Amazon Data Firehose to simplify data ingestion and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) to achieve a serverless orchestration solution. And the company secured user authentication across the globe by using Amazon Cognito.

This solution scales to handle studies with hundreds of thousands of participants across broad geographic distributions. “We have studies in which people wear up to 10 different sensors capturing data at 100 Hz,” says Signorini. “That means 100 million data points per person per day.”

Benefits of Using AWS

Evidation Health is better able to improve health outcomes at scale, detect early warning signs of illness related to the COVID-19 pandemic, reduce stroke risk, improve diabetes-related outcomes, and monitor Alzheimer’s disease. “AWS provides high availability, replication across zones, and automated backups,” says Signorini. “We can focus on applications and results instead of infrastructure, hardware, and scalability. That’s huge for us.” On AWS, Evidation Health gained automated elastic scaling, complete encryption, and simpler, predictable deployments.

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About Evidation Health

Founded in 2012, California-based health data analytics company Evidation Health partners with healthcare organizations to analyze continuous behavior data and design, test, and deploy programs that motivate evidence-based actions.

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