Heimdall Data is a database proxy that improves read and write query performance up to 20x for any SQL database with no code changes. This is particularly useful for packaged applications (e.g. Tableau). Our proxy is deployed in minutes as a side-car process and offloads SQL traffic for Amazon Redshift, Aurora, and RDS. NO application or database changes are required for deployment.


  • Batches singleton DML operations (e.g. INSERT). Improves performance up to 100x
  • Auto-caches and invalidates SQL results into Amazon ElastiCache. Installs in minutes
  • Routes mixed workloads (OLAP and OLTP) to the best data source for performance.
  • Granular SQL performance analytics for root cause analysis.

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Download a free trial on the AWS Marketplace. The Heimdall proxy consists of two components: 1) Central console, and 2) Database proxy. On the Central Console, our configuration wizard will take you step-by-step to set up the proxy. Determining which Heimdall features to enable will depend on the application traffic profile.

Whitepaper: Heimdall for Redshift Overview

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Blog: Heimdall Data Auto-Caching for Amazon ElastiCache

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