Xplenty’s cloud-based, easy-to-use, data integration service makes it easy to move, process and transform more data, faster, reducing preparation time so businesses can unlock insights quickly. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface it’s a zero-coding experience. Xplenty processes both structured and unstructured data and integrates with a variety of sources, including SQL data stores, NoSQL databases and cloud storage services.

We provide:

ETL to Amazon Redshift
-Integrate, process, transform and aggregate data to Amazon Redshift
-Manipulate data as needed using pre-built data transformation components
-Sync data from any data store to Amazon Redshift, no coding required

Integrate with Multiple Data Sources
Easily load, store and join data on-premise or on the cloud, from:
-SQL data stores such as MySql, PostgreSql and many more
-NoSQL data stores such as MongoDB
-Cloud storage services such as Amazon S3
-Analytics data stores such as Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery
-Web Services such as Google Analytics, MixPanel, Woopra, Google AdWords, Twilio and many others

Process Multiple Data Types
-Xplenty handles structured and semi-structured
-Processes relational data, JSON, and flat files such as CSV or web logs

Amazon Redshift is one of the best cloud-based analytics data stores. By enabling our customers to integrate and process raw data and prepare it for analytics on Amazon Redshift, we’re able to offer them highly advanced, full service package, both from a performance, as well as cost-effectiveness perspective. Cloud users today can have their entire BI infrastructure on the cloud and “as-a-service” using tools like Xplenty and Amazon Redshift, and that’s what we like to call synergy!

Xplenty helps with moving data from a variety of sources and loading it into Amazon Redshift. Our customers use Xplenty to integrate and manipulate raw data and prepare, then load it into Amazon Redshift for analytics. Xplenty has a seamless connector to Amazon Redshift, so there’s no need to code: just design the data pipeline using Xplenty’s point & click interface and point the processed data into an Amazon Redshift destination component. It’s delivered as a service, so there’s nothing to install or maintain. You can also use Amazon Redshift as a data source and, pull data from it for further processing or analytics.

Xplenty Demo (3:10)

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