"The Actian ParAccel Big Data and Analytics team is dedicated to creating enterprise-class applications and solutions that deliver results at a fraction of the time associated with traditional analytics solutions. The ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform includes high speed in-database analytics in both single server and cluster environments, advanced analytics native on Hadoop, as well as on-demand integration with Hadoop, data warehouses, and a variety of structured and unstructured data sources. One part of that platform, ParAccel Dataflow Analytics™, is a visual end-to-end data preparation, data quality and analytics workflow development and execution environment that uses the ParAccel Dataflow high-performance parallel engine. This patented breakthrough in parallel data processing technology disrupts historical price-performance limitations, just like Amazon Redshift."

"Actian is excited about the potential of cost-effective cloud-based pricing combined with ultra-fast, unlimited scale advanced analytics. Redshift’s ability to deliver innovative new big data capabilities with a minimum of ramp-up time, can transform the economics, speed and scale of business competitiveness for customers worldwide."

Mike Hoskins

"To really take advantage of that cloud-based fast ramp-up and scale-up advantage, you need to be able to get your data into the cloud with the same ease and speed. You also need to merge multiple sources, remove duplicates, profile your data to find problems, fix those problems, and enhance the data. You might even want to do some preliminary analytics, and send just the most essential data into the cloud.

ParAccel Dataflow Analytics can reliably load even very large datasets with unprecedented speed to Amazon Redshift from a variety of relational databases, file systems, logs, and Hadoop. ParAccel Dataflow provides a powerful, affordable solution to perform at-scale data preparation, data quality cleansing, de-duplication and data discovery in Amazon’s elastic, highly scalable big data environment, or in virtually any hardware or operating system environment. Together, ParAccel Dataflow and Amazon Redshift disrupt traditional price/performance limitations to deliver revolutionary economics and speed."