Alooma allows you to integrate all of your data sources into Amazon Redshift in a secure, scalable, and fully monitored environment. Alooma frees you up to focus on analyzing your data, instead of spending valuable resources on monitoring and maintaining it.

Capabilities and Benefits:

  • Easily connect any data source from a wide selection of integrations
  • A robust Python code engine that enables you to run custom code over your data stream, in real-time, to clean, transform and enrich
  • Data protection guarantee --a safety net we call our “Restream Queue” which catches all errors or event changes, so no data is ever lost
  • Auto-mapping to support your ever-shifting and updating schemas.
  • A system monitoring dashboard so you can know what’s happening with your data at any time

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  2. Integrate as many data sources as you wish from our many available integrations 
  3. Connect your Redshift cluster 

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