"ClearStory is an integrated Application & Platform speeding analysis across internal & external data sources to drive holistic insights in less time, for users across the lines of business. With ClearStory, anyone can access internal and external data directly, blend and harmonize disparate data sources, speed data manipulation cycles, see insights as data updates, and collaborate on insights across teams."

"ClearStory customers love Amazon Redshift! Redshift provides a faster, more powerful, and lower cost warehousing service. Combining Redshift with ClearStory’s fast data exploration, data harmonization, and collaboration, makes it possible for users to generate fast insights at low cost and eliminate heavy IT investments in data manipulation and ETL. Further, ClearStory’s application user model dramatically eases analysis for both analysts and business users."

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Experience the fastest way to analyze diverse data. Create Data Stories in minutes, invite your colleagues to collaborate, and combine data from Amazon Redshift with other sources to see blended and harmonized insights.

Vaibhav Nivargi
Technical Co-Founder

“With a few simple clicks, ClearStory Data can connect to Redshift and create interactive visual analysis. Customers can schedule data refreshes from Amazon Redshift for self-updating interactive insights. ClearStory leverages the power of the Redshift platform for fast data access, and lets users harmonize Redshift data with other internal and external data. You can view the unique benefits of ClearStory and the user model in the video below."

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ClearStory Data