"cloudpack provides fully managed application administration and maintenance services, including consultation for AWS implementation, operations design and 24 x 365 system monitoring and troubleshooting. We are “Managed Service Provider” that enables you to migrate your existing systems to AWS and to outsource application administration tasks on AWS.

We are the company that could propose and implement best solutions for you in the cloud. For instance, we provide implementation of 3rd party security solution, systems integration between on-premises and AWS by Direct Connect, leveraging the latest AWS services to fulfill cloud-age infrastructure and so on so that customers can choose the best solutions without tied up ready-made ideas."

"We provide two solutions for Amazon Redshift. One is KPI dashboard “SOLID AIR” which enables management executives to look into business overview so that they can made right decisions in timely manner. The other is performance dashboard “Wadance” which gives project members power for analyzing various data in detail and on real time. These solutions cannot be realized without Amazon Redshift and its related services. In AWS, we are able to deploy various systems for various customers at our fingertips, therefore we can maximize customers’ benefits by optimizing cost and time."

iret, Inc.

"Both SOLID AIR/Wadance require fast, scalable, petabyte-scale data warehousing platform so that they can provide query capability against large dataset and real time data processing. Data ingestion is performed in real time, and these solutions visualize results of data analytics which are necessary for business judgement.

Outside of these packaged solutions, Amazon Redshift is also leveraged by various customers to realize their requirements for data analytics platform. Speed and cost effectiveness are benefits that Cloud can only achieve."